by Moises Garza

February 3, 2013

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is transcript to the 1911 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order. You can find the index images within the following collection: Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1911-1940

Transcript of Above Image:

No		A		Folio	No		M		Folio
Acta					Acta
7	Alanis Yrenea		5 f	30	Martinez Margarita	16v
20	Alanis Victoria		11 v			P
26	Alanis Antonia		14 v	19	Pena Maria		11 f
36	Alanis Olegario		12 v	38	Pena Julio		20 v
		B			39	Peres Agustina		21 f
29	Bustamante Arturo	16 f			R
		C			4	Rodriguez Bernardo	3 v
24	Cantu Luis		12 v	13	Rios Cesaria		8 f
37	Cavazos Francisca	20 f	15	Rios Ysidora		9 f
40	Cantu Atanasio		21 v	25	Rios Luis Maria	14 f
		E					S
31	Elizaondo Francisco	17 f	1	Salinas Tristan		2 f
		F			12	Saens Pedro		7 v
9	Flores Candelario	6 f	21	Solis Estevan		12 f
11	Flores Mercedes	        7 f	22	Solis Victoriana	12 v
		G			32	Salinas Eusebio		17 v
10 	Garza Dios de Juan	6 v 	33	Salinas Armando	18 f
14	Gutierres Eraclio	8 v	34	Salians Felipe		18 v
16	Garcia Gregorio	        2 v	35	Salians Victoriano	19 f
17	Garcia Maria Ana	10 f			U
18	Gusman Victoria	        10 v	8 	Uribe Faustino		5 v
23	Garcia Rosa		13 f			V
		H			3	Vega Manuel		3 f
2 	Honojosa Antonio	2 v	5	Vasquez Sanjuana	4 f
		L			6	Vela Pablo		4 v
27	Lopez Petra		15 f	28	Villarreal Luis Jose	15 v


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