Happy Birthday, WeAreCousins!!!

Today marks the first year anniversary of this blog. I just want to take the time to thank all the readers whom have made this possible through your emails and constant reminder that this blog has helped many not just me.

It is you all what makes me keep going. Even-though I have not kept up to date with some things, “Newsletter”.

Here are some numbers:

This blog had almost 61,000 page views and over 10,000 unique visitors of these almost 3,000 are returning visitors. These are quick estimates based on Google Analytics and Blogger.

I just hope that I can keep it up and continue to help others. Also hoping that this websites reach is even greater next year.

Before you stop reading, here is a dare. I dare you to start your own Genealogy Blog. If you do and need help let me know, I will help you. Lets see if anyone takes it.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, WeAreCousins!!!

  1. Celia Lewis

    Congratulations & Felicitations, Moises! Somehow I thought you’d been doing this for longer. And thanks for your encouragement as well – my two blogs are keeping me busy and happy too. All best wishes for the coming years.

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