by Moises Garza

December 13, 2011

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

I do not know how many of you have even heard about Heritage Auctions, but just in case that you have not heard about them keep on reading. A few months ago I stumbled into Heritage Auctions while researching one of my 11 times great-grandfather Luis Garcia de Pruneda and I found the following 1699 document. It indicates that he was governor of Nuevo Santander (East and North Mexico and Southern Texas). The website also had the following description of the document.

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Heritage Auctions Description of Images:

Luis Garcia de Pruneda Early Land Grant Signed. 4pp. including integral blank, 8.5″ x 12″, Monterrey, 1699. Letterhead bears a beautiful stamped crest and spells out the year in print. Sewn binding. Document is beautifully penned and bears the remnants of a wax seal. Moderately aged toned with heavy chipping along edges and small areas of paper loss at corners. Although worn, the document is quite attractive and suitable for display. Very good condition.

This original land grant petition was submitted by José Cantú, in which he states: “I live in the Valley of Pilón… I am a laborer and grower of cattle… on the 25th of May, 1623, General Alonso de León, governor and captain general, gave me my previous grant, which included six caballerias of land on which I have been raising herds… I aver that I am a native of this kingdom and grandson of the first conquistadores and settlers, that Alonso de León sent me down to that area, and I fought Indians there, and now I wish to go to Tamaulipas and take families to settle there.”

As noted, Cantú’s first land grant was approved in 1623 by Alonso de León; Cantú’s daughter married Alonso de León’s son (also named Alonso de León). Document is signed by Luis Garcia de Pruneda, who married the daughter of Alonso de León II (Cantú’s granddaughter). Pruneda was a noted Indian fighter, governor of Nuevo Santander (East and North Mexico and Southern Texas), and settler of new lands in that region. From the Taking of Texas Collection. – Heritage Auctions Description of Images

This document is very interesting and I just hope I get to transcribe it soon. I hope that you all find this resource useful, just give it a chance and do a search or searches. Let me know about your findings.

You can visit Heritage Auctions here:


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  1. I havent heared about this Heritage Auctions. This is the first time i gone through. And this document is very intresting but i cannot visible whats the matter on that paper.beautiful pictures

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