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Location of Convent of San Francisco, Monterrey – An Email from George P. Cervantes

I received the following email from George P. Cervantes and I requested him to let me share it with you since the information and links contained in it are excellent. The previous post George is referring to is Convento de San Francisco 1590 to 1914, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Subject: Location of San Francisco, Monterrey

Hi Moises-

First, thanks for your We Are Cousins blog – a lot of interesting information! I have a number of ancestors on my mom’s side from Tamaulipas/Nuevo Leon. I haven’t seen you mention any of them yet, but we have some ancestors’ last names in common (de la Garza, Guerra, Treviño).

Anyway, I’m just getting you some info on your 12/12/12 post about the location of San Francisco in Monterrey. Maybe you have your answer already, but I found some information on this not-very active blog:


That information seems to place it near the present corner of Calle Ignacio Zaragosa and Calle Melchor Ocampo (which used to be called San Francisco).

This location seems to be verified by this US Naval Intelligence map (click on “Monterey”); it was published in 1919, but it looks like the information was gathered before San Francisco was destroyed. “San Francesco Ch.” is labelled “3”:


It also seems to be in this 1905 map in Spanish, where no name is listed, just a cross at the corner of S. Francisco & Zaragosa:


You can see the top of San Francisco to the left in this 1846 print, looking from the area near the Cathedral (the view is looking to the west-northwest, I think):


and here’s a 1909 photo, from a distance – it’s in the middle right of the



So…it looks to me like San Francisco was located in the middle of what’s now Calle Ignacio Zaragosa, just south of present-day Calle Melchor Ocampo; probably facing more or less north (facing up Zaragosa). And, sadly, the building appears to be all gone – to say nothing of all the people buried there. According to the first article I mentioned, some of the artifacts are in the Museo del Obispado.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks again for your work on the blog!

-George P. Cervantes

Once again thanks George for the excellent information, I hope that you all found it helpful and informative as I did.

Here is a Picture/Drawing of the Convent of San Francisco

Convento de San Francisco Monterrey 1887, Past and Present by Hannah More Johnson


The Following is an overlay of a 1905 map and a 2006 map of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. 

Convent of San Francisco Overlay, Monterrey Nuevo Leon mexico


X marks the location where the church was in 1905 and the current location today of where it would stand if it would have had not been demolished.

1916 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1916 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Cut out of original images:

1916 Mier Marriages pg 335_cropped 1916 Mier Marriages pg 335_cropped0
Transcription of above images:
Numero				        No. de
de Actas				Fojas
1	Melesio Garcia			1	Manuela Trevino
4	Cesareo Lopez			2	Maria Trevino
6	Tiburcio Cortez			3	Paula Zambrano
9	Sostenes Perez			4	Paula Martinez
10	Santos Gonzalez		        5	Elida Rodriguez
11	Diego Hinojosa			5	Ana Garcia
12	Leonides Cantu			6	Yrene Garcia
14	Alejandro G Guerra		7	Susana Lopez
18	Teofilo Gonzalez		8	Simona Ramirez
19	Pedro Gomez			9	Crisanta Saenz Garcia
25	Roman Olivo			11	Tomasa Perez
26	Alejandrino Ramirez		12	Matilde Hernandez
32	Marcial Garza			14	Modesta Abad
33	Wesceslao Tovar		        15	Lucia Rios
35	Julian Saenz			16	Santos Lopez
37	Eliseo Garcia			17 	Juana Reyna
46	Castulo Garza			21	Juana Garcia
49	Zaragoza Sandoval		23	Rafaela Barrera
50	Julian Garcia			18	Teresa Saenz
51	Miguel Marquez			        Santos Hinojosa
55	Adolfo Hinojosa			        Sanjuna Gomez
56	Gonzalo Garcia				Lilia Hinojosa
60	Exiquio Garza				Herminia Garza
61	Antonio Garza Perez			Cesilia E Hinojosa
66	Cleofas Ramos				Monica Barrera
69	Donato Barrera				Teofila Ramirez
70	Catarino Gonzalez			Amalia Hinojosa
71	Cervando Reyna			        Romualda Olivarez
73	Ernesto Garcia				Ladislada Reyna
77	Leocadio Silva				Silveria Barrera
79	Teodoro Hinojosa			Adela Garcia
83	Felix F Martinez			Otilia S. Salinas
84	Pablo Herrera				Cirila Salinas
88	Antonio Ramos Serna			Maria Ana Barrera
89	Valentin Barrera			Francisca Garcia
90	Gaspar Garcia				Felipa Silva
93	Ysmael Rueda				Lidia V Villarreal
C Mier Tamps Diciembre 31 de 1916
El Presidente Municipal en turno
Nicolas Barrera Hinojosa
Source: FamilySearch

1908 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1908 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order.

Cut out of Original Image

1908 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg602-mod1 1908 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg602-mod2
Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1882-1910

Transcription of above image:

Numero	Nombres		Folios
3	Alanis Cesaria			3 fte
34	Alanis Candido			18 vta
11	Bustamante Artura		7 fte
15	Cantu Catarina			9 fte
24	Cantu Ybanez Catarina		13 vta
33	Chapa Ma. Guadalupe		18 fte
17	Elizondo Juan			10 fte
1	Flores Silvestre	        2 fte
18	Flores Antonio			10 vta
29	Flores Felipe			16 fte
12	Guerra Dorotea		        7 vta
27	Guerra Juan de Dios		15 fte
31	Garcia Cristobal		17 fte
2	Hinojosa Leopolda		2 vfta
14	Hernandez Baltasar		8 vta
5	Martinez Antonia		4 fte
10 	Perez Silvestre			6 vta
20	Perez Herlinda			11 vta
9	Rios Miguel			6 fte
16	Rangel Bruna			9 vta
21	Rios Donaciana			12 fte
32	Rios Perfecta			17 vta
35	Reyna Salvador		        19 fte
4	Salinas Lucas			3 vta
6	Salinas Yldefonsa		4 vta
7	Salinas Ma. Carmen		5 fte
23	Saenz Pulido Antonio		13 fte
25	Salinas Paula			14 fte
26	Salians Balderas Celsa		14 vta
30 	Solis Ma. Nieves		16 vta
8	Trigo Felipe			5 vta
22	Trevino Cayetana		12 vta
28	Trevino Jose Ysabel		15 vta
13	Vela Victor			8 fte
19	Villarreal Ma. Ynes		11 fte
36	Velasquez Severino		19 vta

Source: FamilySearch

1915 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1915 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order by groom’s name.

Cut out of original images:

1915 Mier Marriages pg 297_cropped 1915 Mier Marriages pg 298_cropped
Transcription of above images:
Numo. Yndice
Actas				Numero de fojas
7	Alfredo Sandoval		4	Ofelia Garza
11	Avelino Guerra			6	Rafael Ramirez
16	Albino Ramirez			9	Ricarda Saenz
24	Alfredo Saenz			13	Yrene Hinojosa
28	Asuncion Reyes		        15	Quirina Olivo
55	Ascencio Garcia		        30	Dolores Martinez
12	Donaciano Perez		        6	Ma. Florentina Garcia
35	Estanislao Gomez		19	Ygnacio Garcia
8	Evaristo Gonzalez		4	Delfina Gonzalez
40	Emilio Molina			22	Tomasa Garcia
65	Eustacio Salinas		35	Victoria Garza
21	Felix Barrera			12	Fidela Garza
34	Febranio Canales		18	Encarnacion Garza
37	Felix [?]			28	Matiana Lopez
38	Guillermo Alaniz		21	Guadalupe Solis
3	Jasinto Vasquez		        2	Juana Gonzalez
31	Jesus Garcia Lopez		17	Francisca Garcia
37	Jose Zambrano			32	Felicitas Fuentes
20	Leocadio Hinojosa		11	Manuela Hinojosa
26	Marcela Alanis			14	Estefana Flores
46	Manuel Aguilar			26	Balbina Garcia
44	Severo Garza			25	Tomasa Vela
51	Santana Garcia			29	Santos Gonzalez
1	Silvano Torrez Gracia		1	Guillerma Guerra
17	Teodoro Torrez		        16	Mauricia Vela
64	Zeferino Pena			35	Manuela Barrera
C. Mier a 31 de Diciembre de 1915
El Juez Civil = Jose Barrera Guerra
Source: FamilySearch

The Spanish American Genealogical Association, A Great Resource

saga logoJust wanted to let you know about SAGA “Spanish American Genealogical Association” they are based out of Corpus Christi, Texas and you can visit their website here http://www.sagacorpuschristi.com/ .

Why am I talking about SAGA? I am talking about SAGA because it is one of the few organizations that have written many index books about church marriage, birth, and death records. Thus making them available for sale on their website and you can also find their books in many libraries. I have used their books many times to break some brick walls.

This is their mission statement:

“The object of the Spanish American Genealogical Association shall be that of creating and maintaining an organization for the promotion of research, collection, and development of genealogical data of the earliest Spanish and Mexican settlers of Texas. The Association’s goal is to conduct research, obtain collections, and develop resources (computerization of data) of genealogical data and to make them available to its membership, as well as to the south Texas community by housing said materials in libraries and archives.”

I think their mission statement states what they do very accurately.

They have books about:

  1. Camargo, Tamaulipas
  2. Guerrero, Tamaulipas
  3. Mier, Tamaulipas
  4. Matamoros, Tamaulipas
  5. Agualeguas, Nuevo Leon
  6. Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon
  7. Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon
  8. Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon
  9. Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon

Only about three of the above are indexed by FamilySearch so as you can see the value of these books when it comes to genealogical research is immense. Just wish I could afford to buy all of them.

You can check out their list of books available or order here: http://www.sagacorpuschristi.com/booksforsale.htm


1914 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

1914 Index to Marriages of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico in alphabetical order by groom’s name.

Cut out of original images:

1914 Mier Marriages pg 246_cropped 1914 Mier Marriages pg 246_cropped0
Transcription of above images:
Numo. de las actas				Pajinas

6	Alejo Gonzalez			9	Maria Rocha
22	Antonio Valdez			27	Biviana Pena
70	Abel N. Pedraza		        90	Matilde Hinojosa
33	Cesilio Barrera			43	Juana Rodriguez
53	Castulo Barrera		        70	Dolores Smith
36	Esteban Garza			47	Narcisda Lopez
43	Castulo Barrera		        56	Paula Zamora
69	Eusebio Hinojosa		89	Hilaria Pena
20	Facundo Lopez			25	Juliana Marroquin
34	Gorgonio Gonzalez		44	Maria Ramirez
87	Geronimo Garcia		        109	Josefa Gonzalez
18	Ysaac Zepeda			23	Cresenciana Salinas
50	Ynocencio Gonzalez		65	Susana Garcia
32	Jorge Rodriguez		        41	Ysabel Guerra
52	Jose Ma. Rodriguez		68	Jovita Garcia
63	Jose Ma. Gonzalez Sandoval	82	Eulalia Saenz
82	Jose Ma Saenz			102	Adelaida Garza
85	Juan Bustos			106	Martina Garcia
51	Leandro Hinojosa		67	Gregoria Garza
15	Marciano Flores		        19	Agapita Garcia
31	Macedonio Hinojosa		39	Paula Gonzalez
45	Martin Fernandez		59	Juana Ramos
17	Nicolas Gonzalez		21	Petra Garcia
59	Pablo Barreiro			75	Nilaria Quinonez
76	Ricardo Cisneros		95	Elvira Hinojosa
80	Ramon Rios			100	Francisca Lopez
3	Tomas Rodriguez		        4	Delfina Ramirez
44	Tiburcio Solis			58	Eligia Salinas
40	Vidal Flores			51	Antonia Bazan
86	Zacarias Ramirez		108	Paula Gonzalez
C. Mier 31 de Diciembre de 1914. = El Juez Civil 
Jose Barrera Guerra
Source: FamilySearch

1900 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1900 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order.

Cut out of Original Image

Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >
Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1882-1910

Transcription of above image:

Actas		A		Folio	Actas		J		Folio
4	Alanis Juliana		3 v	1	Martinez Alejo		2 f
		B					P
21	Bolado E. Lauro	        12 f	9	Pena Arturo		6 f
		C			17	Pena Herlinda		10 f
13	Cantu Donaciano	        8 f			R
		E			2	Reyna Maximiliana	2 v
18	Eliseo Petra		10 v	5	Rodriguez Jose Luz	4 f
		F			7	Rodriguez Pioquinta	5 f
15	Flores Faustino		9 f	11	Rodriguez Antonio	7 f
20	Flores Crisanta		11 v			S
22	Flores Abel		12 v	3	Salians Eusebio		3 f
		G			6	Salinas Dionicio	4 v
19	Garza Juana		11 f	8	Saenz Francisca	        5 v
		H					V
16	Herrera Eliseo		9 f	10 	Villarreal Francisca	6 v
		L					Z
14	Lopez Aureliano	        8 v	12	Zosa Maximiana	        7 v
Source: FamilySearch

If you need any of the documents listed in this page please look at the Services Page if you would like for me to get you a copy.