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Jose Domingo Lopez Martinez, His Wife and Children

1st Generation
1. Jose Domingo Lopez (my great-great-great-great-grandfather) (turned out that I was wrong) was born on Jan. 10, 1790 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on May 2, 1860 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He was the son of Pedro Jose Lopez and Maria Margarita Martinez. He married Maria Bernarda Vela (my great-great-great-great-grandmother) on Aug. 29, 1812 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Maria Bernarda, daughter of Jose Vital Vela and Maria Encarnacion Vela, was born on Sep. 1, 1796 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on an unknown date.

Children of Jose Domingo Lopez and Maria Bernarda Vela

i.2.Jose Juan Nepomuceno Lopez was born on Feb. 4, 1817 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on May 18, 1867 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

ii.3.Margarita Lopez was born on Jul. 15, 1829 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on an unknown date.

iii.4.Tiburcia Lopez was born on Aug. 18, 1835 and died on an unknown date.

iv.5.Maria De Los Santos Lopez was born on Oct. 11, 1835 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and died in 1912 in Yorktown, DeWitt, Texas, USA.

v.6.Dorotea Lopez was born on Jun. 11, 1837 and died on an unknown date.

vi.7.Maria Antonia Lopez died on an unknown date.

2nd Generation (Children)

2. Jose Juan Nepomuceno Lopez was born on Feb. 4, 1817 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on May 18, 1867 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  He married Maria Facunda Portales (my great-great-great-great-grandmother), daughter of Matias Portales and Maria Gertrudis Caballero, on Jan. 13, 1840 in Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

3. Margarita Lopez was born on Jul. 15, 1829 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on an unknown date.  She married Jose Rafael Tapia, son of Pedro Tapia and Maria Blasa Lopez, on Mar. 1, 1848 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

4. Tiburcia Lopez was born on Aug. 18, 1835 and died on an unknown date.  She married Victor Saenz, son of Andres Saenz and Lugarda Ramirez, on Aug. 25, 1852 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

5. Maria De Los Santos Lopez was born on Oct. 11, 1835 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico and died in 1912 in Yorktown, DeWitt, Texas, USA.  She married Jose Ramon Vela on Jan. 12, 1860 in Inmaculada Concepción, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Jose Ramon, son of Jose Jesus Vela and Josefa Gongora, was born About 1837 in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died on Mar. 16, 1915 in Yorktown, DeWitt, Texas, USA.

6. Dorotea Lopez was born on Jun. 11, 1837 and died on an unknown date.  She married Rafael Villanueva on Jan. 31, 1853 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Rafael, son of Juan Villanueva and Juliana Lopez, was born About 1834 and died on an unknown date.

7. Maria Antonia Lopez died on an unknown date.  She married Jose Maria Resendez, son of Jose Rafael Resendez and Gregoria Barrera, on Jun. 9, 1832 in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Source: FamilySearch

Ofelia Garza Lopez, 1927 Civil Registration Births of Congregacion Arcabuz Tamaulipas Mexico

The following death record is that of my grandfather’s sister, Ofelia Garza Lopez was my. At the cemetery of Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico I had found Ofelia’s tombstone with a death date of September 15, 1944. The following document indicates that she was born on the 29th of October 1924. So she was 19 years old when she died. At this time she was already married. I need to ask my father to see if he heard anything in respect as to her short life.

Cut Out of Original Image:

Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > Arcabuz >
Nacimientos, matrimonios, defunciones 1925-1930 > Pg 111

Transcription of Above Image:

Acta N. # 53.

Ofelia Garza
nacio el 29 de
Octubre de 1924
Arcabuz, Tam (Tamaulipas)
En Arcabuz Tamaulipas, a horas que son las nuebe del dia tres del mes de octubre de mil novecientos veintisiete ante mi Matias Reyna, Juez del Registro Civil de esta municipalidad, comparecio el Sr. (Senor) Eusebio Garza, quien manifesto ser vecino de este lugar casado, labrador de 44 cuarenta y cuatro anos de edad y quien presento a este jusgado a una nina viva manifestando que es su quinto hijo legitimo y de su esposa la Sra. (Senora) Paubla Lopez de 38 Treinta y ocho anos de edad; Que son abuelos paternos de la nina el Sr. (Senor) Martin Garza y la Senora Ruperta Lopez, ya finada y abuelos maternos el Sr. (Senor) – Jorge Lopez y la Senora Luz Garza, ya finados; que la expresada nina nacio a las diesiocho horas del dia 29 veintenueve del mes de Octubre de 1924 mil novecientos venticuatro y que le impone por nombre “Ofelia Garza’ leida la presente acta al interesado y firmo siendo testigos los Senores Hermenegildo Garcia y Froilan Garza, casados, labradores, y vecinos de este lugar los que firman de conformidad doy fe —– Matias Reyna = Eusebio Garza = Hermenegildo Garcia = Froilan Garza = Rubricas. _____
Es copia fiel y legal de su original de la qu doy fe. _____
El Juez del R. Civil
Matias Reyna

Sources: FamilySearch

Names of People in Second Blog Banner

The following is one of the old blog banners that I used to have. I am seriously thinking of remaking the banners to fit this blog and post them again. If I do you will probably see them up by next week.

Photo 1                                                       Photo 2                                                Photo 3

This is the second banner that I used in this blog.

Photo 1: Photo circa 1980’s

Maria Dedar Flores Villarreal (my wife’s paternal grandmother)
Vicente Perez Contreras (my wife’s paternal grandfather)

Photo 2: Photo taken in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1983.

Moises Garza Tanguma (me). Yes that is my baby picture.

Photo 3: Photo looks like color drawing circa 1970’s or earlier.

Juan Tanguma (Zamora) Tanguma (my maternal grandfather)
Maria Josefina Lopez Trevino (my maternal grandmother)

To be honest with you I do not have many family pictures and that is something that I am trying to obtain. I don’t need originals as long as they let me scan them I am happy. Hopefully I get to share them in this blog as I get more.

Names of People in First Blog Banner

Photo 1                                                                   Photo 2                                                    Photo 3                         

The above banner was the first one that I used for this blog. It never occurred to me to post the names of the people on the photographs. Here they are;

Photo 1: Pencil drawing made circa late 1950’s

Lauro Garza Marroquin (my father)
Horacio Garza Marroquin (my uncle)

Photo 2: Old photo circa 1910’s found on my wife’s childhood bible.

Paula Contreras Garza (my wife’s paternal great-grandmother)
Jose Francisco Perez Lozano (my wife’s paternal great-grandfather) (baptism)

Photo 3: Photo taken circa 1980’s

Dominga Marroquin Gonzalez (my paternal grandmother) (baptism)
Eulalio Garza Lopez (my paternal grandfather) (baptism) (Birth Record)

Yldefonso Zamora His Wives and His Children

1st Generation

Yldefonso Zamora (my great-grandfather) was born About 23 Jan 1886 in Mier, Tamaulipas to Gabino Zamora and Marta Garza. I have yet to find any documents with his death date.  He married 1st Felipa Rios on Oct. 4, 1920 in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Felipa, daughter of Andres Rios and Pilar Gonzalez, was born About 1904 and died on an unknown date. He met 2nd Elena Tanguma (my great-grandmother), daughter of Juan Tanguma Pena and Leandra Ramirez Martinez. Continue reading

First Head Stone of Eusebio Garza Lopez

This picture is of the first head stone, Eusebio Garza Lopez, my great-grandfather had from the time of his burial in June of 1947 all up until the death of his wife Paula Lopez in December of 1975. The head stone was removed and moved to an old Jacal at Rancho El Ebanito where it remains up to this date. The reason for removing it, is that the family bought both of them matching monuments. I’ll be posting those pictures at a later date.

The Head stone reads “Eusebio Garza Nacio En Agosto 14 1883 Fallecio Junio 4 1947 Dedican Este Recuerdo su Esposa E Hijos“. (Eusebio Garza born on August 14, 1883 Died June 4 1947 His Wife and Children dedicate this Memory).

I remember that as a child I would always see this headstone and be amazed. My mind would start wondering about many things. How was his life? Soon I wanted to learn more and I am lucky that I have.

Eusebio’s parents are Jose Martin Garza Garcia and Maria Ruperta Lopez Garza. He was also the husband of Paula Lopez Garza.

The 1920 Baptism of Eulalio Garza Lopez in Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following image is of the baptism of Eulalio Garza Lopez at Inmaculada Concepcion, in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1920. Eulalio was my grandfather, his parents were Eusebio Garza Lopez and Paula Lopez Garza. This image indicates that his God Parents were Jorge Lopez and Concepcion Ramirez. I am guessing that Jorge is Paula’s brother since I have him listed as such from information obtained from my father.

Cut out of original image:

Transcription From Image:

No 492 Eulalio

En la Parroquia de C. Mier, a los diez dias del mes de Noviembre del ano del pr mil novecientos veinte, yo el Ptno, Ramon Sanchez, bautize solemnemente, puse el sto oleo y sto Crisma a un nino a quien puse por nombre Eulalio que nacio en El Arcabus el dia ocho de Diciembre del ano anterior; hijo legitimo def Eusebio Garza y Paula Lopez. Padrinos Jose Angel Lopez y Concepcion Ramirez, a quienes adverti su obligacion y parentezco espiritual. Y para que constancia firme.

Ramon Sanchez

Sources: FamilySearch, and conversations with Lauro Garza Marroquin (my father).

Marriage of Eusebio Garza Lopez and Paula Lopez Garza in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the 1907 Civil Marriage of my great-grandparents Eusebio Garza and Paula Lopez in Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. At the end is the transcription of the documents in Spanish as the original documents. Once I get a chance I’ll translate them (almost two years and I have not done so, more than likely I won’t due to lack of time).

Cut out of original images:

The following is the transcription of the above images:

Numero 4 cuatro matrimonio de Eusebio Garza y Paula Lopez

Acta numero 9 nueve. = En la villa de Los Aldamas a los 20 veinte dias del mes de Marzo de 1907 mil novecientos siete a las 8 ocho de la noche ante mi Luciano Pena Juez del Estado Civil de esta Municipalidad hallandome en el despacho de esta Oficina, presentes el Senor Eucebio Garza y la Senorita Paula Lopez, ambos celibes, el primero de 22 veintidos anos de edad hijo legitimo de Don Martin Garza y Dona Ruperta Lopez y la segunda de 18 diesiocho anos de edad hija lejitima de Don Jorge Lopez y Dona Luz Garza, todos vecinos de Ciudad Mier, Estado de Tamaulipas, con residencia en la Congregacion de El Arcabus; de profesion el pretenso y el padre labradores. Ambos contrayentes dijeron que habiendose presentado en objeto de contraer matrimonio el dia 3 tres de Diciembre del ano proximo pasado, en cuyo acto tambien estubo presente el padre de la pretensa, dando en consentimiento, asi como lo hace ahora para que su hija contraiga el matrimonioconsertado por ser menor de edad, y por otra parte haciendo sido hechas las publicaciones en la forma legal, sin que se haya presentado inpedimiento alguno segun aparece de las constancias prespectivas, piden al Senor Juez autorice Consentada union. Ynterogados los contrayentes en los terminos de al ley hicieron la formal declaracion de ser su voluntad unirse en matrimonio, y entregarse mutuamente como marido y mujer, en esta virtud yo Luciano Pena Juez del Estado civil de esta villa, hice la siguiente declaracion: En nombre de la sociedad declaro unidos en perfecto, legitimo e indisaluble matrimonioal Senor Eusebio Garza y a la Senorita Paula Lopez. Fueron testigos de este acto los Senores Bacilio Ramirez, Brigido Gonzalez y Gregorio G. Gonzalez, mayores de edad, casado el primero y el ultimo y el segundo soltero labradores y vecinos de Ciudad Mier los dos primeros y el ultimo de esta vecindad. Leida esta acta a los interesados y testigos de conformidad firmaron los que supreson Conmigo el Juez Doy fe. = Luciano Pena. = Eusebio Garza. = Bacilio Ramirez. = Brigido Gonzalez. = Gregorio G. Gonzalez. = Cinco surlericas. = Es copia que certifico

Luciano Pena

Source: FamilySearch

Breaking Brick Walls in Genealogy Research

I recently broke two brick walls when doing my own family research; I thought it would be nice if I shared them with you all.

First Brick Wall,

In my Garza family line I had only gone as far back as to my great-great-grandpa, I only knew his name to be Martin Garza but I could not figure out his wife’s name. I searched every possible way I knew how. I did ask my father but he did not know who the wife might be. I thought if my dad does not know no one knows. Then I thought to myself what if I ask my dad’s sister tia Amelia. So I called my cousin Yolanda who is the eldest daughter of my aunt and she agreed to ask my aunt if she knew who that wife of Martin Garza might be. She called minutes later and told me that the name was Ruperta Lopez. Once I hanged up I could not wait and headed to www.familysearch.org and found their marriage record listing their parents also, and guess what tonight I’ll be researching them.

Second Brick Wall,

I was doing research on one of my wife’s aunts by marriage. I knew she was from the area of Abram Texas and I also had her parent’s names but could not find any more information about them. So I went over to www.texaslandrecords.com and searched for her mother first, there I came across a 1955 Oil and Gas Lease listing her and her husband. What caught my eye where the other names listed on the lease with her same last name. I then went over to www.familysearch.org and searched for one of those names which I had assumed was one of her brothers and there it was a U.S. 1910 Census matching three of the names in the Oil and Gas Lease, and listing also the parents. The same happened once I started to search for her father’s information, I found a 1956 Oil and Gas Lease and found him listed in the U.S. 1920 census listed as Amidio instead of Amadeo. It listed all the siblings and also their parents.

The Lesson,

  • Reach out and ask
  • Try and go around the brick wall by searching for siblings instead

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