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A Genealogical Treasure In Edinburg, Texas

The University of Texas Pan American A Genealogical Treasure in Edinburg, Texas

When it comes to Genealogy many people don’t think about Edinburg, Texas. One thing that I have come to find out is that many people don’t even know or are aware of the genealogical treasure that one can find within this city. Continue reading

We Are Cousins Magazine Coming Soon!!!


Tentative Cover

A magazine about South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy!  

It will contain;

  • Genealogy News
  • How To’s
  • Book Reviews
  • Indexes of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
  • And much more.

Currently in the works, to be one of the first to find out when it is released please sign up for the WeAreCousins Magazine’s mailing list here: Sign UP for Mailing List.


Submit Your Article for Inclusion

If you would like us to publish your article in our magazine please send it to us at magazine@wearecousins.info or use the contact form to send it.

The only requirement is that it has to be a topic about South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy. South Texas would be anything South of San Antonio and Northeastern Mexico would be the Mexican States of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.

Genealogy Associations and Societies

If you belong to a Genealogy Association or Society and would like to include information about it in the magazine just go ahead and send it to us at magazine@wearecousins.info  or use the contact form to send us the information.

Camargo Church Death Records 1764 – 1864

Last Saturday I wrote about Camargo Baptismal Records Index 1764 – 1882 and today I will let you know about another great genealogical book about Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It  is a book by the Spanish American Genealogical Association (SAGA). It is titled Camargo Baptismal Records Index 1764 – 1882. Continue reading

7 Weekend Reads From The Rio Grande Guardian On Culture and Border Life

Rio Grande Guardian Small Logo The following are seven articles published by various authors on the Rio Grande Guardian’s website. I thought that it would be a great idea to share them with you. They talk about genealogy, history, and current cultural icons. All of them involve South Texas and Northeaster Mexico in one way or another. Hope that you enjoy them.


Garcia: Juan Bautista Chapa, a notable explorer

EDINBURG, January 27 – There were certain other explorers who arrived in what is now Texas following Alvar Cabeza de Vaca and his Spanish soldiers’ landing on Texas soil in 1528.


López: Gutiérrez de Lara brought Texas its first taste of independence

SAN ANTONIO, January 1 – In sharing with others the beauty of early Texas history, there is an increasing positive response from South Texas folks in particular.


García: Myths and Facts about South Texas Spanish

EDINBURG, January 1 – Columnist Lino García, Jr., has penned an op-ed for Guardian readers this holiday period about South Texas Spanish.


García: Early educational institutions in Colonial Spanish Texas

EDINBURG, November 22 – When Pánfilo Narváez and Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca along with a few hundred Spanish soldiers landed on Galveston Bay on November 6, 1528, the exploration and the settlement of the territory of Texas brought into this state European institutions that still prevail.


López: More than an Expedition

SAN ANTONIO, November 5 – Just over 200 years ago, a town priest in Central Mexico decided to bring justice for all in Mexico, including Texas, its northern province.


García: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
EDINBURG, October 8 – On October 12, 1492, Cristóbal Colón and his Spanish crew aboard three ships, La Pinta, La Niña and La Santa María, sailed from the mother country of Spain and landed on what later became known as America.


Idea for a Tejano Monument at the state Capitol started at UTPA
EDINBURG, March 29 – It is a little known fact but the idea to build a monument honoring the heritage and contributions of Tejanos at the Texas state Capitol in Austin was born at the University of Texas-Pan American.

The above listed stories come from the Cultura and  Border Life sections of the Rio Grande Guardian. These two sections also contain a lot more stories on various topics. If anyone has interesting posts that they know about let me know, I will be posting them on Saturdays.

Batch Download FamilySearch Documents With FastFilm and Decrease Your Genealogical Research Times

Last month Taco Goulooze shared the link to FastFilm on Google+, if you have not used this utility you are missing out big time. You may be asking yourself, What is FastFilm? It is a small utility that will let you download Batch Images from FamilySearch.

You may ask your self, Why do I need this? Simply put, to speed up and be more efficient when searching for a particular document in a set of documents. As you may be aware of, just trying to view an image using your browser on FamilySearch may take up to 30 seconds to a minute to load. Imagine doing this if you do not have a date or and have to go document by document.

After installing FastFile you will be able to download the set of images where the document you are looking for may be. Believe me the download speeds are fast. After it finishes you will be able to browse through the images superfast without the loading times that you would get otherwise.

Just ensure that you have hard drive space since each image is on average about 1.5 megabyte big.

You can visit the developers page for more information or to download the program on the following link.




Vecinos de Cerralvo 1630 – 1760, Guillermo Garmendia Leal


Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico was founded as early as the 1590’s but the church and civil records were either lost or destroyed up until 1761. As Mr. Garmendia states, this means that the documents up to eight generations or more are forever gone.

In his book Vecinos de Cerralvo Mr. Garmendia compiled the names of people that where from Cerralvo from 1630 to 1760. He obtained them from every surrounding town’s archive or church records.

If your research has lead you to Cerralvo during this time period this book is worth checking out.

The University of Texas Pan American has a copy and if you would like you cna buy the booka t http://www.borderlandsbooks.com for $45.00.

Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society

Just wanted to let everyone know about the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society.If you are looking to join a society near the Harlingen Texas are they are the perfect fit. Here is a little more information about them.

Screenshot of their Website:

Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society.JPG

Their Mission statement is as follows:

The purpose of the RGV Hispanic Genealogical Society is to promote interest in Hispanic Genealogy and to assist its members engaged in genealogical research.  Said purposes are to be accomplished through: soliciting and arranging for public funds and private contributions to be utilized in the furtherance of the Corporation; to encourage interested persons to pursue and preserve genealogical information; to provide opportunities to share Hispanic genealogical information and experiences; to collect, protect and preserve public and private Hispanic genealogical information records and to make such records available for research; to acquire Hispanic Hispanic historical data and resources and make them available to the public and the genealogical community; to accept donations, services, and materials to be used for any activity which will be of service to the genealogical society.

If anyone is interested check their website out you can do so using the following link http://www.rgvhispanicgenealogicalsociety.com. I came across this website a few days ago.. They will also be hosting the 33rd Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference Los Caminos del Rio at South Padre Island, Texas October 11 – 14 , 2012. You can register at their website. Here you can see who the speakers will be: http://www.rgvhispanicgenealogicalsociety.com/uploads/Speakers_Page.pdf

Using Google Books In Your Genealogy Research

For those of you that already use Google Books let me know how you are using it and for those of you that have not used it or do not know what it is keep on reading.

What is Google books?

Ill put it very simple it is an online library/book store. You can browse millions of books and get a preview of them before deciding to buy the book. Also, lets not get discouraged, Google books also has thousands of free titles that after you add them to your library (Google account needed) you can read them online or on the go with your iPad or Android device by downloading and installing the required application (links on bottom of page).

How can this help me in my Genealogy Research? 

Well it might or might not but it sure does not hurt to try it out. The way I use it is to search for ancestor names and see what comes up, I also like to try out town names to see where it has been mentioned before, and finally I use it to research topics and or find material that can help me better understand things.

For example:

I am currently reading, Barbarous Mexico by John Kenneth Turner. In this book he provides a first hand account of slavery and forced labor in Mexican Haciendas before the Mexican Revolution of 1910. He also describes how Mexico tried to commit Genocide with the Yaki Indians of Sonora Mexico. It is giving me a better understanding of just a few of many things that led up to Mexico’s Revolution. Get Barbarous Mexico

Hope that you all find Google Books as useful as I have.

Finally, If you get lucky you might even find books about your ancestors.

Visit Google Books Website:

Download the Software:

Marriages, Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 1902 – 1908

This is a list of all the Marriages for 1902 – 1908 of Los Aldamas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Information comes from images at FamilySearch, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 Los Aldamas Matrimonios 1902-1908 To Easily search this index press CTRL+F and enter the name you are looking for.
Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908
Marriages for 1902		Pages 1 through 38

Number  Page    Male                            Female
18      26      Gonzalez, Antonio               Alanis, Florentina
7       10      Vela, Benigno                   Leal, Crescencia
14      21      Pena, Cristelo                  Alanis, Bernarda
5        7      Pena, Eugenio                   Rios, Gregoria
1        3      Garcia, Fernando                Zarate, Teresa
9       12      Garza, Genaro                   Lopez, Faustina
10      14      Sanchez, Irineo                 Perez, Sixta
12      18      Garza, Juan                     Pena, Antonia
15      22      Marroquin, Jesus Maria          Reyna, Luisa
17      23      Cantu, Juan                     Cantu, Elijia
6        9      Salinas, Leandro                Garcia, Micaela
16      23      Salinas, Lino                   Pena, Luisa
2        4      Tanguma, Marcelo                Vela, Carlota
13      19      Garza, Mercedes                 Garza, Maria
3        5      Zarate, Perfecto                Garza, Celestina
4        7      Benites, Pedro                  Salinas, Eusebia
11      17      Rios, Ramon                     Rios, Bacilia
8       12      Garza, Secundino                Lopez, Calixta

Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908

Marriages for 1903 Pages 39 through 65

Number  Page    Male                            Female		
2        3      Garcia, Antonio	                Longoria, Emilia
6        9      Garcia, Aniceto                 Garcia, Micaela
8       12      Alanis, Albino                  Pena, Gabriela
1        2      Pena, Cosme                     Carillo, Maria
12      17      Garza, Froilan                  Pena, Damiana
5        8      Pena, Guadalupe                 Pena, Dolores
13      19      Pena, Gabriel                   Salazar, Teresa
7       11      Salinas, Justo                  Garza, Elisea
4        5      Pena, Lucio                     Lopez, Clemencia
14      21      Rios, Sabas                     Garcia, Petra
3        5      Zarate, Trinidad                Garcia, Josefa
10      15      Alanis, Tiburcio                Rios, Rosa
9       14      Alanis, Victoriano              Clara, Garcia
11      16      Garcia, Victor                  Lopez, Brigida

Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908

Marriages for 1904 Pages 66 through 100

Number  Page    Male                            Female	
7       11      Leal, Ancelmo                   Pena, Genoveva
18      26      Guerra, Alberto                 Garza, Josefa
5       7       Garcia, Blas                    Cantu, Trinidad
15      22      Perez, Crescencio               Leal, Delfina
1       2       Garcia, Eustacio                Garcia, Santos
10      16      Pena, Eusebio                   Guerra, Paula
2       3       Salinas, Guadalupe              Salinas, Locadia
3       4       Alanis, Jose                    Pena, Clemencia
16      23      Marroquin, Juan A.              Garcia, Rafaela
17      25      Garcia, Luciano                 Gutierrez, Nazaria
9       15      Pena, Martin                    Rios, Carlota
11      17      Lopez, Martin                   Lopez, Ramona
13      19      Pena, Manuela                   Pena, Clara
4       7       Rios, Pedro                     Cantu, Felipa
6       9       Carillo, Porfirio               Salinas, Antonia
8       13      Salinas, Placido                Cantu, Juana
14      20      Garza, Pablo                    Amaya, Juana
19      27      Garza, Wenceslao                Saenz, Bernardina
12      18      Ramos, Zenon                    Ramos, Catarina

Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908

Marriages for 1905 Pages 101 through 143

Number  Page    Male                            Female	
11      17      Rodriguez, Abundio              Toscano, Luisa
19      29      Rios, Calixto                   Garcia, Gabriela
20      30      Chapa, Camilo                   Ramirez, Guadalupe
16      25      Pena, Dionicio                  Garza, Teofila
1       2       Herrera, Eligio                 Vera, Vita
2       3       Garcia, Felipe                  Garcia, Elena
8       12      Alanis, Francisco               Flores, Rafaela
9       13      Vera, Faustino                  Regalado, Prudenciana
13      20      Cantu, Guillermo                Cantu, Manuela
5       10      Romo, Jesus                     Toscano, Francisca
15      23      Morales, Julian                 Ortiz, Lucinda
3       4       Reyna, Marcos                   Garza, Agustina
4       6       Rios, Maximiano                 Garcia, Felicitas
6       11      Ramos, Matias                   Salinas, Gregoria
14      22      Martinez, Marcio                Gonzalez, Apolonia
7       11      Salinas, Natividad              Ramos, Antonia
17      26      Garza, Narciso                  Pena, Maria
10      15      Pena, Pedro                     Garza, Blasa
12      19      Saenz, Pascual                  Vasques, Juana
21      31      Pulido, Pas                     Salinas, Juana
22      32      Gonzalez, Roman                 Garza, Barbara
18      26      Salinas, Santos                 Gonzalez, Maria
23      33      Pena, Santos                    Alanis, Bacilia

Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908

Marriages for 1906 Pages 144 through 194

Number  Page    Male                           Female	
6       8       Garza, Apolinar                Garza, Maria de los Angeles
7       9       Trevino, Apolonio              Hinojosa, Santos
19      24      Cantu, Anastacio               Garcia, Selsa
13      15      Amaro, Benigno                 Garcia, Felipa
27      39      Montalvo, Bartolo              Garcia, Martina
1       2       Benites, Cesareo               Salinas, Martina
20      28      Rodriguez, Cruz                Chapa, Antonia
22      30      Alanis, Canuto                 Gonzalez, Librada
25      35      Gonzalez, Cipriano             Garcia, Matilde
15      18      Vela, Donaciano                Alanis, Nieves
5       6       Solis, Felipe                  Rios, Paula
11      14      Longoria, Francisco            Sanchez, Maria de los Angeles
12      14      Ledesma, Francisco             Rios, Guillerma
17      20      Garcia, Felipe                 Garcia, Viviana
21      28      Rios, Gaspar                   Perez, Fidela
24      33      Perez, Guadalupe               Pena, Nieves
26      37      Ramirez, Gabino                Garza, Manuela
16      19      Rios, Hermenegildo             Martinez, Cenovia
4       5       Salinas, Jose                  Garcia, Tomasa
10      12      Vela, Juan                     Salinas, Susana
18      23      Garcia, Martin                 Garcia, Lus
28      41      Sepulveda, Manuel              Rodriguez, Pas
14      16      Solis, Pedro                   Saens, Lorenza
23      32      Martinez, Rogerr               Cantu, Eusebia
2       2       Garcia, Severo                 Ramirez, Paula
8       9       Trevino, Severiano             Lopez, Felicitas
29      43      Garza, Simon                   Pena, Bacilia
3       5       Zarate, Tomas                  Olivarez, Sanjuana
9       12      Pena, Teofilo                  Pena, Maria

Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908

Marriages for 1907		Pages 195 through 258

Number  Page    Male                            Female	
10      14      Gonzalez, Alejandro             Garcia, Anastasia
17      22      Garza, Antonio                  Garcia, Jesusa
15      21      Pena, Antonino                  Pena, Juliana
22      30      Lopez, Andres                   Ramos, Luisa
14      20      Leal, Blas                      Leal, Gregoria
16      22      Gonzalez, Brigido               Cuellar, Juana
20      27      Garza, Cecilio                  Garcia, Eulalia
2       3       Reyna, Eleuterio                Alanis, Adelaida
4       7       Garza, Eusebio                  Lopez, Paula
5       8       Lopez, Herculano                Lopez, Lus
12      18      Garcia, Herculano               Garcia, Teodosa
11      15      Trevino, Julio                  Trevino, Paula
18      25      Pena, Juan                      Rios, Bacilia
21      30      Leal, Jesus Maria               Regalado, Urbana
23      33      Trevino, Juan                   Rios, Epigmenia
3       4       Gallegos, Lazaro                Hinojosa, Leonides N.
19      26      Garcia, Lorenzo                 Garcia, Guadalupe
1       2       Pena, Martin                    Rios, Tomasa
6       10      Gonzalez, Martin                Salinas, Josefa
8       11      Garza, Pedro                    Garza, Guadalupe
9       13      Rodriguez, Perfecto             Alanis, Maria
24      34      Benites, Pedro                  Cantu, Martina
25      35      Alanis, Santos                  Ramos, Elpidia
7       11      Pena, Tomas                     Rios, Cristina
13      19      Ramos, Victorio                 Ramos, Nazaria
26      37      Lopez, Zeferino                 Garcia, Sanjuana

Marriages of Los Aldamas Nuevo Leon from 1902 to 1908

Marriages for 1908 Pages 258 through 282

Number  Page    Male                            Female	
2       2       Pena, Ananstasio                Ramirez, Erlinda
9       10      Morales, Antonio                Gonzalez, Francisca
5       5       Martinez, Bruno                 Pena, Antonia
12      15      Alanis, Conferino               Pena, Carmen
3       3       Vasquez, Emilio                 Garcia, Sanjuana
4       4       Garcia, Exiquio                 Garcia, Estefana
6       6       Pena, Ysidro                    Gonzalez, Lina
1       2       Rios, Jesus                     Rios, Rafaela
8       10      Rios, Jose                      Rios, Antonia
11      13      Lopez, Juan                     Lopez, Sanjuana
14      17      Tanguma, Luciano                Pena, Petra
10      12      Hinojosa, Luciano               Lassaulx, Mercedes
13      16      Garcia, Simplicio               Alanis, Rosaura
7       9       Rios, Vicente                   Almaras, Sara

Sources: Original Images to this Index can be found at – https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-22299-51166-52?cc=1916238&wc=11896636

Raul Longoria’s Website

A Great Resource for South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy

For all of you who may barely be getting their feet wet into their own family genealogy and or family history, here is another great resource that I have used many times over and over again.

The resource that I want to make you aware of is Raul Longoria’s Website RaulLongoria.net.

In my own opinion I believe it to be one of the greatest resources for Mexican American Genealogy when it comes to the South Texas and Northestern Mexican Genealogy.

Most entries in Raul N. Longoria’s website have citations to where he got the information from, thus providing the researcher with precious leads to original documents or more great resources.

This is how he describes his website:

Many of us with deep family roots in South Texas have found that we are part of a very large extended family; you may find some of your own ancestors here. – Raul N. Longoria

Did I mention that he has thousands of names in his database and most of them are form South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. Go ahead and check it out. It will not be long before you find your ancestors listed there.

My only hope is that Mr. Longoria continues to make this great resource available to all of us.

Once again here is the link to his website: RaulLongoria.net.

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