1. Moises Garza

    Apuntes Genealogicos Del Capitan Diego Gonzalez

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Captain Diego Gonzalez was my 8th great grandfather. I was pleasantly surprised to find a book about him in my local university’s library. The book is titled “Apuntes Genealogicos del Capitan Diego Gonzalez” in English it basically translates to Genealogical Writings about Captain Diego Gonzalez. This...

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Hi, My name is Moises and welcome to We Are Cousins, a blog dedicated to South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy. It’s primary purpose is to educate and provide its readers with resources to locate their ancestors, whom at one point lived in this area. To read more about me or my other projects visit my personal website moisesgarza.com
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