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Apuntes Genealogicos del Capitan DIego Gonzalez

Apuntes Genealogicos Del Capitan Diego Gonzalez

Captain Diego Gonzalez was my 8th great grandfather. I was pleasantly surprised to find a book about him in my local university’s library. The book is titled “Apuntes Genealogicos del Capitan Diego Gonzalez” in English it basically translates to Genealogical Writings about Captain Diego Gonzalez. This book was written by Leticia E, Montemayor back in 1997 […]

Origen de los Apellidos Garza y Trevino en Nuevo Leon

Are you Garza or Trevino? Do you have ancestors with this last name? If you do you are in luck. Tomas Madirichaga Cueva has written an excellent book “Origen de los Apellidos Garza y Trevino en Nuevo Leon” (Origin of the last names Garza and Trevino form Nuevo Leon). This book starts with Marcos Alonso […]