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1780 Church Death Record of Blas Canales Benavides in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1780 death record of my eighth great grandfather Blas Canales Benavides. He died in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico back in December 7th 1780. This record indicates that he was married to Rosa Anzaldua. Unfortuatly it does not mention the names of his parents. He was the son of Blas Canales and Maria Benavides for whom I have to find more information about. It is interesting to note that this document indicates that he did not leave a will since he ahd nothing to bequeath and also that he lived in Gualeguas which is present time Agualeguas.

Cut out of Original Image:

Blas Canales FamilySearch, Cerralvo, 1780 Death Pg. 30

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Transcription of death image:

El dia siete de Dbre de mil Setecs. y ochenta an. En esta Ygla. Parrochial de Zerralbo yo el cura de ella di sepultura a Dn. Blas Canales Adulto casado que fue con Da. Rosa Ansaldua vezn. de esta feliga. en Gualeguas en donde lo confesse antes de estar mui agravado su accidente advertiendose pidiera los otros sacraments. que los huviera monestar lo que quedo de hazer y nolo hizieron, por log. no se oleo ni sele dio el Viatico, ni testo porq. no tenia de que, y porqe. conste lo fe.

Jph Alexandro de la Garza


  • FamilySearch.org

Cerralvo Church Marriage Records 1761 – 1880 Book II

In case that you do not know I just want to make you aware that the Spanish American Genealogical Association (SAGA) out of Corpus Cristy, Texas back in 1989 indexed the Cerralvo Church Marriage Records covering the time period of 1761 to 1880. This particular book “Cerralvo Church Marriage Records 1761 – 1880 Book II” lists all the brides by alphabetical order by maiden name.

This book is invaluable to our research since as you may or may not be aware of the Cerralvo Marriage Church Records have not been indexed by familysear.org. They are only available at ancestry.com but that is more than $30.00 to get access per month. instead just look for this book or buy it off the SAGA website.

Image of partial cover of book”Cerralvo Church Marriage Records 1761 – 1880″:

Remember once you find an entry to one of your ancestors you can obtain a copy of the original at familysearch.org. They are here.

Where to get a copy:

  • WorldCat.org – Find book in a library near you. Check Now.

Cerralvo Church Baptism Records 1761 – 1859

 Where your ancestors from Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico? If they were the “Cerralvo Church Baptism Records 1761 – 1859 Book I” is an excellent genealogical resource. This book is a 200 page book that was compiled and crated by the Spanish American Genealogical Association out of Corpus Christi back in 1989. The information within the pages of this book can be found on the microfilm #0605442 available at FamilySearch.

The microfilm contains copies of the records found at the San Gregorio de Magno Parish of Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This book is the first out of three books. This book covers form A to G. Also this book is very important since these records are not indexed at FamilySearch. Ancesstry.com does have them indexed but you need the world subscription witch is Continue reading

The Spanish American Genealogical Association, A Great Resource

saga logoJust wanted to let you know about SAGA “Spanish American Genealogical Association” they are based out of Corpus Christi, Texas and you can visit their website here http://www.sagacorpuschristi.com/ .

Why am I talking about SAGA? I am talking about SAGA because it is one of the few organizations that have written many index books about church marriage, birth, and death records. Thus making them available for sale on their website and you can also find their books in many libraries. I have used their books many times to break some brick walls.

This is their mission statement:

“The object of the Spanish American Genealogical Association shall be that of creating and maintaining an organization for the promotion of research, collection, and development of genealogical data of the earliest Spanish and Mexican settlers of Texas. The Association’s goal is to conduct research, obtain collections, and develop resources (computerization of data) of genealogical data and to make them available to its membership, as well as to the south Texas community by housing said materials in libraries and archives.”

I think their mission statement states what they do very accurately.

They have books about:

  1. Camargo, Tamaulipas
  2. Guerrero, Tamaulipas
  3. Mier, Tamaulipas
  4. Matamoros, Tamaulipas
  5. Agualeguas, Nuevo Leon
  6. Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon
  7. Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon
  8. Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon
  9. Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon

Only about three of the above are indexed by FamilySearch so as you can see the value of these books when it comes to genealogical research is immense. Just wish I could afford to buy all of them.

You can check out their list of books available or order here: http://www.sagacorpuschristi.com/booksforsale.htm


Anna Maria Anzaldua Saucedo, 1790 Death, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1790 death record of my 8th great grandmother Anna Maria Anzaldua Saucedo. This document indicates her last name as being Saldua but from the marriage record of her daughter Juana Gertrudis Ramos we know it to be Anzaldua. This document also indicates that she died from “tisico” meaning that she died of tuberculosis. Her parents are listed as Sebastian Anzaldua and Mariana Saucedo, also that she was married to Juan Antonio Ramos. She was originally from Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and died at age 78. She did not make a will since she was “pobre” poor.

Cut out of original image:

Anna Maria Ansaldua, Familysearch, Mier, Deaths, 1790, Pg. 2401

 See Original

Transcript of above image:

De la Villa Da. anna Maria Saldua Espa. Adulta casada que fue con Don Juan Antonio Ramos

Febrero de 1790,, a.

En esta Villa de la Purisima Concepcion de Mier en siete dias del mes de Febrero de este presente ano de Mil, Setecientos Noventa. Yo Fr. Pedro Maldo. y Zapata como Ministro de esta Villa en esta Santa Yglesia Parroquial de mi Cargo. Di Ecleciastica Sepultura Entierro Menor en quarto tramo rotura de tierra de Veinte reales al Cuerpo de Da. Anna Maria Ansaldua Espanola Adulta Originaria de la Villa de San Gregorio de Zerralvo, y vecina de esta Villa Hija lexitima de Dn. Sebastian Ansaldua, y Da. Mariana Sausedo, ya Difuntos. Cassada que fue con Dn. Juan Antonio Ramos. Recivio los Santos Sacramentos. No testo posr estar Pobre Murio de Tisico a los sesenta, y ocho anos de su edad, y para que conste lo firme en esta Dicha Villa, Dicho Dia, Mes, y a lo ut Supra.

Fr. Pedro Maldo. y Zapata

Source: FamilySearch.org

Vecinos de Cerralvo 1630 – 1760, Guillermo Garmendia Leal


Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico was founded as early as the 1590’s but the church and civil records were either lost or destroyed up until 1761. As Mr. Garmendia states, this means that the documents up to eight generations or more are forever gone.

In his book Vecinos de Cerralvo Mr. Garmendia compiled the names of people that where from Cerralvo from 1630 to 1760. He obtained them from every surrounding town’s archive or church records.

If your research has lead you to Cerralvo during this time period this book is worth checking out.

The University of Texas Pan American has a copy and if you would like you cna buy the booka t http://www.borderlandsbooks.com for $45.00.