1. Moises Garza

    Fundadores de Tamaulipas 1748 – 1770

    If your genealogy research has led to to be looking for ancestors that came to Tamaulipas between 1748 and 1770 then you need to get a hold of this book. It’s title is “Fundadores de Tamaulipas 1748 – 1770” and it was written by Guillermo Garmendia L. in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon back...
  2. Moises Garza

    Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision

    “Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision” is another great resource for those of us doing research on our ancestors from Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico or the surrounding area. Cover to “Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision”: This book contains the Camargo, Nuevo Santander marriage records from 1764...
  3. Moises Garza

    Camargo Church Baptism Records 1764 – 1864 Book I

    The following book is definitely another great resource that you can use while researching your ancestors form Camargo, Tamaulipa, and the surrounding area. The following book “Camargo Church Baptism Records 1764 – 1864 Book I” covers the Camargo Nuevo Santander baptism records form 1764 to 1864 and then the Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico baptism records from 1821...

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