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Captain Bartolome Gonzalez and His Descendants – Book By Joel Rene Escobar y Saenz

Captain Bartolome Gonzalez is my 11th great grandfather through four different lines. The following book titled “Captain Bartolome Gonzalez and His Descendants” was written and published by Joel Rene Escobar y Saenz. Continue reading

Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision

“Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision” is another great resource for those of us doing research on our ancestors from Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico or the surrounding area.

Cover to “Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 – 1913 Grooms Second Revision”:

Camargo Church Marriage Records 1764 - 1913 Grooms Second Revision.JPG

This book contains the Camargo, Nuevo Santander marriage records from 1764 to 1821 and the Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico records from 1821 to 1913. It also includes other marraige records obtained and archived in Mrs. Minerva Overstreeets Collcetion. They were also extracted and compiled from the Nuestra Senora de Santa Anna Catholic Parish Records of Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico by SAGA


Where to read or buy this book:

The University of Texas Pan American has a copy in their catalog that can be checked out.

You might also want to search WorldCat for a library near you that may have this book.

Finally you can buy it from SAGA off their website at: http://www.sagacorpuschristi.com/

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Cadereyta Church Baptisms Incl Grandparents 1825 – 1835

Just wanted to let you know about another great resource that will be very helpful if you are researching your ancestors and they happen to be from Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is another book that is published by SAGA and it is called Cadereyta Church Baptisms Incl Grandparents 1825 – 1835. Continue reading

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Two

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Crispin Rendon has already released his second book on The Families of Salinas Victoria. I strongly recommend you download it and add it to your Genealogy library and preferred reader.

Here is the email that he sent me yesterday:

This email is going out to the 469 people in my genealogy address book.

There is no reason to respond.

Below find a link to another book I have posted on the web.

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Two


You may notice the surnames Bermeo and Bermea.

I am sure it is the same family surname but have not decided to merge them.

I am leaning toward changing all of the Bermea to Bermeo.

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

As always thanks Mr. Rendon for another great Resource.

Archivos Parroquiales de Nuetra Senora de Guadalupe Reynosa, Tmaulipas, Mexico Matrimonios Vol. 2 1790 -1811

“Archivos Parroquiales de Nuetra Senora de Guadalupe Reynosa, Tmaulipas, Mexico Matrimonios Vol. 2 1790 -1811 ”

I know that I have already spoken of this book but I thought and I write a post about it, for those that are actively researching Reynosa records for their ancestors. This small about 30 page book has been invaluable in researching my wife’s family. Thanks to it I have found copies of original documents.

This book is available for viewing at the University of Texas Pan American and for those interested in buying it it is also available for purchase from the author through Border Lands Book Store item# 717.

Once you find your ancestors within he pages of this book I recommend you head over to my previous post; Online Digital Images of Reynosa Church Marriages from 1790 to 1810, Hosted by UTPA there you will find the link to the online images used to create the this book.

Finally, if you want more information about Reynosa Records you might want to check out another of my posts; Where to Locate Baptism, Marriage, and Death Church Records for Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I hope that you find this book as useful as I have in my research.

Surnames of Nuevo León : Botello y Buentello, Cavazos, Guerra, Hinojosa, Larralde, Mier, Sepúlveda, and Zambrano, by Tomas Medrichaga Cueva

Surnames of Nuevo León : Botello y Buentello, Cavazos, Guerra, Hinojosa, Larralde, Mier, Sepúlveda, and Zambrano, by Tomas Medrichaga Cueva is a great book that was compiled and writen by Tomas Medrichaga Cueva and trancribed by Edan G. Brown in 1989.

Surnames of Nuevo LeonThe Surnames that this book/author focus on are:

  • Botello and Buentello - Descendants of Captain Juan Buentello Guerrero
  • Cavazos – Descendants of Juan Cavazos son of Gabriel Cavazos and Simona del Campo
  • Guerra – Descendants of Ignacio Guerra son of Antonio Guerra Canamal and Luisa Fernandez de Riofrio
  • Hinojosa - Descendants of Diego de Hinojosa
  • Larralde – Descendnats of General Francisco Ignacio de Larralde son of Francisco de Larralde and Antonia de Odriozola
  • Mier – Descendants of Francisco de Mier Noriega
  • Sepulveda – Descendants of Jacinto and Bernardo Garcia de Sepulveda sons of Anton Garcia and Ana de Sepulveda
  • Zambrano – First mentions of that lat name.

Where to get book:

  • Check Libraries in your area with WorldCat.

What do you think about this book? My ancestors are Guerra, Hinojosa, and Cavazos listed here.

1799 Census of Villa de San Juan Bautista de Cadereyta del Nuevo Reyno de Leon

As of today every Saturday I will be posting a book that is about Genealogy or that can be used for Genealogy. Specially books that have to do with South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy. I just think it is a great way of letting everyone know of what books are out there. The following book is titled 1799 census of Villa de San Juan Bautista de Cadereyta del Nuevo Reyno de Leon : (present day Cadereyta Jimenez, N.L.). As the tile states this book is the 1799 Census of Present day Cadereyta Jimenez, N.L. and is an excellent book for anyone researching this area.

Book Cover:

1799 Census of Villa de San Juan


Ranchos y Haciendas
Mentioned in this Census

RANCHO DEL CAP ADERO              45





RANCHO DEL OBISPO                 50

RANCHO DE LA CRUZ                 79



RANCHO DE LA VOQUlLLA             92

RANCHO DEL SAUZ                   93

RANCHO DE SAN MATEO                93

RANCHO DE SANTANA                 93

RANCHO DE LA BAGRIA               93,94

HACIENDA DE SN JOSE               95

As you can see this census is not just of the town of Cadereyta but of all surrounding communities as well.

Where to find Book:

  • Find book in a library near you: WorldCat

This Post’s URL: http://www.wearecousins.info/2013/01/1799-census-of-villa-de-san-juan-bautista-de-cadereyta-del-nuevo-reyno-de-leon

Diego de Montemayor Sus Decendientes – Diego de Montemayor and His Decendants

Diego de Montemayor Sus Decendientes

This book, I am sure is of great interest to many people whom have traced their ancestry all the way back to Diego de Montemayor. I highly recommend that if you have traced your ancestors to Northern Mexico or South Texas make sure and look for them in this book.

With this book I was able to link several lines to the same ancestor. I highly recommend you take a look at it if possible. It also contains several copies to original images, but it is mainly about 140 pages of names of one huge family tree.

The author of this great work is Guillermo Garmendia Leal and he compiled it in Monterrey Nuevo Leon back in 1993.

As with most books that I mention in this blog, this one is available at the University of Texas Pan American and you can see if it is available in their catalog. If you live in any other part of the U.S.A. and want to see if a local library has it just check Worldcat.

This Post’s URL: http://www.wearecousins.info/2013/01/diego-de-montemayor-y-sus-desendientes/

Nuevo Leon: Causas Criminales 1600 a 1900 – Book Review by Crispin Rendon

Earlier today I received the following email from Crispin Rendon. It is his review of the just released book named, Nuevo Leon: Causas Criminales 1600 to 1900 it literally translates to Nuevo Leon: Criminal cases 1600 to 1900. After you read the email you can read my opinion about the book.

Email from Crispin Rendon:

This email is going out to everyone in my genealogy address book.

I think some of you may be interested.

There is no need to respond.

Nuevo Leon Crime Book Review

Nuevo León: Causas Criminales 1600 a 1900

Book in pdf format sold at $73.32 U.S. Dollars (I used PayPal)

The book was sent as an email attachment (no shipping fee required)


For further information contact

Benicio Samuel Sanchez

Genealogista e Historiador Familiar

Email: samuelsanchez@genealogia.org.mx

This book is 568 pages without an index but could have been 200 with some judicious formatting changes.

This book is a listing of criminal cases from the Mexican State of Nuveo Leon.

A total of 1,106 criminal cases dating from Nov 23, 1621 to Apr 19 1897

1600s(186 cases)

1700s(456 cases)

1800s(464 cases)

Each case is laid out in the follow data fields:

Fondo, Seccion de Fondo, Serie, Titulo, Lenga, Luga, Fecha, Fojas, Coleccion, Volumen, Expediente, Folio, Notas, Descipcion.

All of the Lengua fields have “ESPAÑOL” and all of Coleccion fields have “CAUSAS CRIMINALES”. (Word Bloat?)

24 records have no title or description given.

Inconsistent use of accents marks make a pdf reader Seach feature a hit or miss.

If you search for Valle de PILON your search will miss VALLE DEL PILÓN

Descriptions are short and may be identical to the title field.

The large Genealogia logo watermark found centered on each page is sure to annoy most readers

This book could benefit from some more editing.

Why is this book important?

I see it as a valuable resource.

Today, we learn about crime from newspapers, television and radio. Why is it presented to us at all?

I think it is because we want to know about it! If daily crime is not enough for us, we read crime novels.

I read the whole book in two days. That is more crime than you will every find in a crime novel.

There is little or no genealogy information in this book but I found some of the people presented in this book also in my genealogy database. Some were criminals and others victims.

One women, appearing in this book also will be found in my soon to appear “Families of Salinas Victoria” book. She beat her servant to death.

Juliana de las Casas, who is an ancestor to thousands of people in my database, appears as a victim.

There are few other cases of people found in my records.

The bottom line is if you want to know more about any of these crimes you have the details in the book for how to find it in the archives.

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

My Opinion:

I hope that this email either helps you decide as to weather buy the book or not. A few days ago I saw Benicio’s post on his website and thus was excited just by the name of the book, but then when he showed a sample of one of the entries I made up my mind to not even bother with it. Since I immediately recognized that it had the same format from the Archives of Monterrey Website. You can get the link on my previous post Archivos Historicos de Monterrey – Historical Archives of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico but, I might be mistaken.

Once you are at the Website for the Monterrey Archives, you can select Spanol as Lengua and then Colleccion Causas Criminales and finally press buscar and you will get the hundreds if not thousands of cases not just of Monterrey but surrounding localities such as Cerralvo.

What I am really exited and can’t wait for is Crispin’s book, Families of Salinas Victoria. His books are the best! Please leave your comments on the comment section.