by Moises Garza

January 21, 2016

Gallant Outcasts
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Gallant Outcasts Texas Turmoil 1519 – 1734 is a page-turner book of the first explorations into Texas and the first efforts by the Spanish crown to settle what is now and what we know to be Texas.

During the 36th Annual Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference I had the honor of meeting Mickey Margot Garcia in person. She is the author of the book “Marriages of Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico: 1689-1822“. We were talking about books and she highly recommended that I read Gallant Outcasts. She stated that is was an awesome book that has long been overlooked by Texas Historians. She also stated that it was a book about some guys from Coahuila and their efforts to settle Texas. It happened to be that George Farias from Border Lands Book Store was there selling books and he happened to have a copy. I bought the book for $45.00.

I honestly did not think that I was going to get anything out of this book but I bought it for two reasons. First, it was recommended by Mickey Garcia. Second, it was about Texas and I do talk about South Texas.

Let me tell you, I am super glad that I bought this book. This book happens to be about my 10th great grandfather Alonso de Leon who was commissioned as Governor of Coahuila and had the job of finding the French settlement of La Salle. It talked about his first expedition along the San Juan River to the Rio Grande. Then the book goes on to detail his second expedition to Texas where he finds the French fort in Bahia del Espiritu Santo and how he saved several French from the Indians. Not to mention the arrest of John Henry the White King.

What I really loved about the book was that it was very well researched and documented. At the end of every chapter, the author lists all the citations used. Thus providing the reader and researcher with additional clues as to where to find additional information. Also, this book provides a glimpse of Texas history that you did not learn in History class. It highlights the contributions of the Spanish and how the French were a great motive for the settlement of Texas and the struggles they had in achieving this. The accounts of the Native Americans and the interaction with the Spanish is amazing.

I guess I’ll cut it right here since I do not want to spoil this book for you. If you have Alonso de Leon in your family tree make sure to get a copy of this book.

Cover of Book: Gallant Outcasts Texas Turmoil 1519 – 1734

Gallant Outcasts Texas Turmoil

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Description of book by Amazon:

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Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book so that you may know exactly what it contains.

The Conquerors Pg. 1

New Frontiers Pg. 7

Missiona nd Presidio Pg. 17

The Abominable Men Pg. 28

The Trail Blazers Pg. 34

Stone Nostrils Country Pg. 44

The Expendables Pg. 54

Manhunt Pg. 68

The White King Pg. 81

River of Death Pg. 91

Province of Texas Pg. 109

Only The Brave Pg. 124

By The Sword Pg. 139

Villa de Bexar Pg. 160

Mission Glory Pg. 170

Diary Kept by The Missionary Fathers Pg. 188

Texas Year 1690 Pg. 208

Bibliography Pg. 220

Index Pg. 226

About the Author:

This is what was printed on the back of the 1963 edition.

Ben Cuellar Jr., a native son of Texas is a descendant of Antonio Ximenes, one of the first Spaniards to come into Texas: a great-grandson of Don Juan Ximenes, a soldier under Ben Milam: and a relative of Don Damasio Ximenes who died in the Alamo. The Ximenes name looms large in Texas Revolution.

Mr. Cuellar is a past member of the Texas State Historical Association and of the American Institute for Design and Drafting. He now resides with his wife, Pauline in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where he is a retired 29 years employee of the Phillips Petroleum Company.

Get Your Copy of This Book:

At the moment of writing this the only place that I could find was at and was selling starting at $10.95 and it is only used. There are no new copies listed since this book is already out of print. If you are interested in buying this book click here BUY NOW to buy from Amazon or Search for the book on Abe Books.

I hope that you find this book useful and informative as I have. Please let me know in the comment area of what you thought about this book.

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  1. I have a copy and read it about 5 years ago. It really is a wonderful read Moises. You know where General Alonso De Leon is interred?

    1. General Alonso de Leon died on 21 Mar 1691 and is buried at Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Exact location where in Montemorelos I do not know.

      1. Hacienda San Francisco is now Gil De Leyva Moises. My mom and daughter were born there. Mom, Elia Cantu De Leon, is a descendant of the General and his brother-in-law, Sargento Mayor Carlos Cantu. Family still owns some of the land that was granted to CAPITAN Alonso De Leon in 1637.

  2. I have had this book in my family for ages. Ben Cuellar Jr. is related to my Grand Mother Isabel. Don Juan Ximenez is my Great, great grandfather and Damsio Ximenez is my great, great uncle. So proud of my Texas ancestry both from Mexico and Spain.

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