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Real Starr Website, A Great Genealogical Resource

I want to congratulate David Moreno and the great work that he has been doing. David has several cemetery projects going on and he also has created a website to help organize his family genealogy findings. It is this website that I wanted to share with you today. It is called Real Starr. It focuses on his ancestors but as he states it has grown to also include distant family members. At a glance one would assume that it may only focus in Starr County Texas genealogy but from what I have seen on David’s research, which I will share later on in another post, it contains information on may of my own ancestors and many other people from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico.

Purpose of Real Starr,

Welcome to In the following pages and links, you’ll find family trees and branches of many related families. Though we may not be able to trace back to the start of time, we may be able to connect to those long lost living relatives. The idea behind this project is to bring all of us together. This will keep us updated about who our relatives were, who was born, who has passed away and who has married whom. If you’re a long lost ‘living’ relative and want to help, register for a user account or please contact us. You may contribute to the development of this relations tree by providing information like names, dates, histories or any interesting stories. – Real Starr

Snapshot of Real Starr Website:

Real Starr

You can visit this great resource that David is sharing with all of us at:

Don’t forget to browse his website to see the amazing resources that he has available.

Other Projects by David Moreno

Let me know in the comments section about how this resource has helped you out. Also let me know what you think about David’s cemetery projects.

La Havana Texas Cemetery Historical Marker

The following is the Texas Historical Marker that is outside the Cemetery of La Havana Texas. You can check the names of the people buried in this cemetery up until 1976,

You can also check out La Havana Cemetery at

Permission to reuse photo is here granted as long as you link back to this page.
Transcript of above image:

Located on land known as Porcion 46, ceded by the crown of Spain to Don Jose Matias Tijerina in 1767, the community of Havana was named for Havana, Cuba, where Tijerina had stopped on his journey from Europe. Among the early settlers here were the families of Josefa de la Garza Salinas and Civil War Union soldier Patricio Perez. A frame church was built in 1891 and named for St. Joseph. Descendants of early settlers still live in the area. Many Havana pioneers are buried here in the Havana Cemetery. (1988)

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Cuevitas, Texas – Some Photos

Here are some pictures that I took while visiting Cuevitas, Texas.

Corn or Sugar Cane field between Los Ebanos and
Cuevitas, Texas.

Entering the Community of Cuevitas, Texas.

Main Street Cuevitas, Texas.

Small entrance on side of Cemetery.

Main Entrance to Cemetery.

Main entrance to cemetery – sideways.

Looking back, dirt road that Leads to Cuevitas Cemetery.
Road from Cuevitas to Sullivan City Texas.

Copyright © Moises Garza. All rights reserved. Article may be reused for any purpose, and it is encouraged, as long as it is non-commercial use and it includes this notice. An effort has been made to use materials that provide credit to author or rights holder. If you find anything that should not be listed in this article contact me at

Cemeteries of Starr County, Texas

Are your ancestors from Starr County? If they are and you are currently doing research then this may be able to help you out. These are some resources when it comes to cemeteries in Starr County Texas.

Find A Grave -They Have 55 Recorded Cemeteries but many don’t have any listings yet.

US Gen Web Project – Lists Cemeteries compiled by David Moreno up until May of 2011 and also has a link to a pdf file that he has created listing almost if not all the cemeteries in Starr County Texas.

David Moreno and Google Maps – This is a link to Google Maps where David keeps up to date all the cemeteries that he finds in Starr County. I also believe that anyone can help with this project, since there are four collaborators listed. He made me aware of it when I informed him of the name to one of the cemeteries listed on his PDF file. There are more than the 55 cemeteries listed on Find A Grave.

Map of Project on Google Maps

Image is from Google Maps and it was accessed on 12-3-2011.

A Partial Index to the Cemetery of Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following Seventy Eight names is a partial index that just represents about 1/4th of the full cemetery, of Los Trevinos, Tamauliapas, Mexico. I thought and I would share the information I have with everyone. If anyone is interested I have a picture to all the tombstones of the names listed here. If interested in getting a picture let me know the name and your email.

You can also read more about this cemetery in a previous post: El Panteon de Los Trevinos.

Vitalia Garza De Lopez * Abril 4 1909 + Feb. 5 1994 Recuerdo De Sus Hijos

Sr. Luz Lopez Garza * Junio 5 1901 + Oct. 19 1985 Recuerdo De Sus Hijos

Sr. Teofilo Lopez Leal * 8 Ene. 1913 + 22 Dic. 1987 D. E. P. Rec. de su sobrina Natalia Gonzalez De Garcia Y su esposo Dimas Garcia Triste quedo nuestro hogar sin su sombra querida se fue dejandonos la nobleza de su alma y la bondad de su corazon. Que sea tu voluntad y que descanse eternamente en vuestro reino celestial.

Sra. Lorenza Garza * Nov. 26 1913 + Mayo 12 1994 Departe de sus hijos e hijas Ella no ha muerto vive en nuestros corazones en nuestro recuerdo y en nuestras diarias oraciones.

Sr. Carlos Garza Lopez * Nov. 4 1906 + Agosto 26 1990 D. E. P. Te fuistes dejandonos un inmenso dolor un vacio que no podra ser llenado jamas pero nosotros que nos quedamos aqui en la tierra vivimos inmaculados por tu recuerdo rogando que nos bendigas desde el cielo un recuerdo de su esposa hijos e hijas.

Rene Garza Garza * 24 Feb. 1966 + 8 Ago. 1979 D. E. P. Rec. De Su Mama Y Hermanos.

Nemecio Garza Garza * 15 Jul. 1933 + 13 Jun. 1975 D. E. P. Rec. de tu esposa e hijos y nietos.

SrSalomon Garza Gonzalez Oct 22 1907 Junio 31 1978 Recuerdo de sus hijos D. E. P.

Guadalupe Garza 9 4 53 59

D. E. P. Gilberto Pena T. Nov 6 1906 Marzo 15 1969 Esposa E Hijos

Altagracia Garza * Nov 20 De 1912 + Nov 30 De 1961 Dedican su esposo e hijos.

Reynaldo PenaT Feb 15 1901 Marzo 25 1952 Recuerdo De Esposa Hijos y Hermanos D. E. P.

Exiquia Garza 1871 – 1955. Recuerdo de su Hermano Claro Garza.

Ma Luz Garza * Oct. 19 1900 + Agosto 5 1965 Recuerdo de sus hijos y nietos.

Tristan Lopez Dic 15 1897 Nov 19 1954 Su esposa e hijos D. E. P.

Sra.Victoria Lopez de Lopez * 10 Mar. 1908 + 26 Ene. 1994 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Sr Jesus Maria Lopez Garza Oct 28 1903 Feb 2 1978 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos. D . E. P.

Jose Martin Lopez Lopez Enero 30 1939 abril 18 1974 Recuerdo de su madre y hnos D. E. P.

Marcelina Garza Fallecio Junio 12 1948

Paula Lopez Viudade Garza (Marriage) Julio 14 1890 Dic 8 1975 D. E. P. Dedica la fam. Garza Lopez

Eusebio Garza (Marriage) (tombstone) Agosto 14 1883 Jun 4 1947 D. E. P. Dedican la fam. Garza Lopez.

Sr. Apolonio Garza Lopez * Feb. 9 1912 + Enero 28 1980 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Flora Garza de Garza * Sep. 23 1911 + Enero 21 1997 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Ofelia G. deGarza + Sep 15 de 1944 Un recuerdo de su esposo Adolio Garza.

Esteban Garza L. 1878 – 1948

Sra Narcisa Lopez Zarate 1889 – 1977 Recuerdo de sus hijos D. E. P.

Tristan Garza G. 12 6 1897 12 16 1969 D.E.P. Recuerdo de sus esposa e hijos

Victoria G. Garza Q. E. P. D. 10 6 1906 – 7 5 1980 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Elena Tanguma

Toribio Tanguma

Maria Gonzalez

Luis Trevino Trevino Dic 12 1912 – Nov 12 1978 REcuerdo de su esposa e hijos D. E. P.

Sr Julio Trevino Marzo 24 1880 Feb 14 1965 D. E. P.

Joven Angel Trevino Trevino Feb 8 1950 – Marzo 9 1967 Recuerdo de su madre y hnos D E P

Manuel Trevino Junio 22 1917 Junio 12 1936 Dedican Luis Trevino Y hnos D. E. P.

SrPaula Trevino Feb 20 1885 Feb 19 1929 D. E. P.

SraBonifasia Lopez de Trevino Recuerdo de sus nietos Felicitas y Lorenza Badillo y nietos politicos y fam. D. E. P.

Sr.Ambrocio Garza Garza * Dic. 7 de 1910 + Feb. 2 de 1994 Un recuerdo de sus hijos.

Sr.Fidela Lopez De Garza * Abril 24 de 1914 + Feb. 9 1969. Un recuerdo de sus hijos.

Luciano Garza *Dic 13 1915 + Nov 25 1985 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos Desapareciste de nuestro lado pero nunca de nuestro corazon y vivviras eternamente en nuestra memoria.

Sra.Ercilia Gonzalez De Garza * Abril 3 1917 + Nov. 21 1996 Recuerdo de su hijo hijas y nietos. Yo soy la resureccion y la vida. El que cree en mi, aunque muera vivira San Juan 11:25.

Sr.Mercedes Garza Lopez * 24 Sep. 1907 + 30 Nov 1992 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos. La tierra guarda su cuerpo dios guarda su alma y nosotros su recuerdo.

Erinea Lopez de Garza * 11 Oct 1909 + 30 Jul 1997 Rec. de sus hijos y nietos D. E. P. La tierra guarda su cuerpo dios guarda su alma y nosotros su recuerdo.

Sr. Lazaro Garza L. * 12 Jul. 1943 + 14 Ene. 2004 D. E. P. Rec. de su esposa hijos y nietos.

Sr. Conferino Garza * Sep. 16 1935 + Dic. 28 1998 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos D. E. P.

Sr.Felipe Lopez Lopez * Feb 5 1911 + Jul. 8 1998 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos.

Sra. Leonor Garza de Lopez * Feb. 2 1918 + Abr. 24 2000 Recuerdo de sus hijos y nietos.

Sra.Cesaria Tanguma Trevino * 25 2 1928 + 7 3 1983 Rec de su esposo.

Sr.Isidro Tanguma Nacio 1894 + 22 Feb. 1974 Recuerdo Tomas Trevino

Elena Trevino de Tanguma Nacio 1899 + 11 Abril 1975 Recuerdo Sra. Dominga Tanguma

Sr.Ines Pena Ramirez * Enero 22 de 1910 + Oct. 3 de 1985 Un recuerdo de sus esposa e hijos.

SrAbundio Trevino P. Junio 22 1885 Oct 18 1968

Sra.Paulita Tanguma * Marzo 18 1935 + Sep. 15 2002 Recuerdo de su esposo e hijos. D. E. P. La tierra cubre tu curpo tu alma se va con Dios.

SraAdelaida Trevino Sep 5 1905 Enero 27 1989 Recuerdo de la familia Garcia Tanguma D. E. P.

Fabian Lopes QEPD

Ofelia G. de Garza+ Sep. 15 de 1944 Un recuerdo de su esposo Adolio Garza.

SraNarcisa Lopez Zarate 1889 – 1977 Recuerdo de sus hijos D. E. P.

Sr.Apolonio Garza Lopez * Feb. 9 1912 + Enero 28 1980 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Flora Garza de Garza * Sep. 23 1911 + Enero 21 1997 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Daniel Trevino Trevino * 18 Abril de 1923 + 17 de Oct 1990 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos y familia.

Andrea Trevino 1903 3-9 Un Recuerdo de sus Hijas y Nietos

Otavio Garcia 1940 – 1984

Benito Ochoa 1940 – 1995

Alfredo Ramirez Lopez * 5-11-1906 + 1-23-1978 Recuerdo de sus hijos y nietos D.E.P.

Juanita Ochoa de Ramirez * 2-8-1914 + 4-23-1995 Recuerdo de sus hijos y nietos D.E.P.

Amando Garcia Ochoa * Nacio 16 Julio 1937 + Fallecio 10 Julio 1985 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos D.E.P.

Nieves Garza Gonzalez * Agosto 5 1909 + Dic. 5 1997 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos

Ines Garza de Garza * Enero 23 1910 + Marzo 14 2006 Recuerdo de Sus Hijos.

Sra.Maria Garza * Feb. 20 1905 + Enero 12 1987 Recuerdo de sus hijos.

Sr.Benito Garza * 21 Mar. 1904 26 Oct. 1980 Rec. De sus hijos.

Sr.Silvano Garza Agosto 31 1933 Sep. 11 1980 Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos D.E.P.

Cristina Lopez de Trevino *Dec 5 1929 – +Dec 24 2006

Beto Lopez

Jose Fina Lopez de Tanguma * Mar 19 1925 – +Feb 20 2010

Juan Tanguma (Birth Story) * Feb 14 1914 – +Dec 10 1981

Uriel Pena Jr. *Jul 7 1988 – +Jul 24 2005

Elisa Garza

Horacio Garza Marroquin *Jul 6 1941 – +Apr 13 2008

Cemetery of Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The cemetery of Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico is situated just a few miles away from town. As to why or how this location was chosen is unknown. This cemetery is simply known as “El Panteon”, “El Panteon de Los Trevinos”, or “El Panteon de Los Gatos”. The first one translates to “Cemetery”, the second to “The Cemetery of Los Trevinos” and the third to “The Cemetery of the Cats”. Yes you read correctly, the cemetery of the cats.

Main entrance to the Cemetery on the South side

Picture was taken on September 21, 2007.

 The Cemetery of the Cats

Story goes that the cemetery was built were an old ranch used to be. They say that the ranch was owned by an old lady who had many cats and thus the name came to be “The cemetery of the cats” (El PAnteon de Los Gatos). Older people still refer to this cemetery by that name. I have asked as to the old ladies name but no one has been to provide it to me since it is a story that has been passed down and no one really knows the details anymore.

Google Earth Location of Cemetery

My Earliest Memory of this Cemetery

I must have been about five years old or less, I remember that my parents took all of us to the burial. I believe that it was someone that somehow was related or known to my parents. I think he was murdered since I clearly remember that a handgun was thrown inside the grave and two buckets of dark dirt were poured on top of the coffin once it was in the ground. I asked my father what was in the buckets and he stated that it was blood that was picked up from were he had been killed. Then they placed two bags on the foot of the coffin and he stated that those were his clothes, I did not asked any more questions. Then the customary “puno de tierra” was done by everyone attending, you grab a handful of dirt and trow it on top of the casket making the sign of the cross as a final farewell. Years later I heard the full story, unfortunately I can not relate it here due to respect for the family. Later memories would be of the yearly visiting on the traditional day of the dead and then the burial of loved ones. In a future post I will be posting a partial index to people buried in this cemetery.

If interested you can check out another post titled “A Partial Index to the Cemetery of Los Trevinos, Tamaulipas, Mexico“.

Artecitas Ranch Cemetery, Starr County, Texas

The following video was recorded by Jimmy Martinez and listed its description as “Lost Cemetery 4 miles East of La Grulla”. I thought to myself maybe I can find its name by doing some Genealogy research? After a few minutes I found it, Artecitas Ranch Cemetery, since it is now located in what used to be called Artecitas Ranch located in Starr County Texas.

I did a quick search with the name and dates on the first tombstone belonging to Alberto Ortiz. I found Albertos Death Certificate wich indicates that he was born  I found the following in the United States Census, 1900. Felipe Ortiz is the head of household and listed Anita (Garcia) as the wife with the following children listed; Josefa Ortiz, Inocencio Ortiz, Alberto Ortiz, Franquilina Ortiz, Nicomedes Ortiz, and Petra Ortiz. I have found living descendants in Sullivan City, Texas which is only three miles North of the cemetery. The reason for the family abandoning the cemetery, I do not know. What I do know is that Artecitas Ranch is no longer theirs.

Video from Jimmy Martinez You Tube page.

Other Mentions of Artecitas Ranch

Garcia, Esteban – May have been related to Anita Garcia.

If anyone has any more information about this ranch or its cemetery please leave me a comment or contact me.

Part of Map Showing Artecitas Ranch in 1935 Starr County Map

See Original Map at The Portal To Texas History

First Head Stone of Eusebio Garza Lopez

This picture is of the first head stone, Eusebio Garza Lopez, my great-grandfather had from the time of his burial in June of 1947 all up until the death of his wife Paula Lopez in December of 1975. The head stone was removed and moved to an old Jacal at Rancho El Ebanito where it remains up to this date. The reason for removing it, is that the family bought both of them matching monuments. I’ll be posting those pictures at a later date.

The Head stone reads “Eusebio Garza Nacio En Agosto 14 1883 Fallecio Junio 4 1947 Dedican Este Recuerdo su Esposa E Hijos“. (Eusebio Garza born on August 14, 1883 Died June 4 1947 His Wife and Children dedicate this Memory).

I remember that as a child I would always see this headstone and be amazed. My mind would start wondering about many things. How was his life? Soon I wanted to learn more and I am lucky that I have.

Eusebio’s parents are Jose Martin Garza Garcia and Maria Ruperta Lopez Garza. He was also the husband of Paula Lopez Garza.

Zamora’s Rancho La Mecca Cemetery

Years ago while driving by on our way to Rancho El Ebanito (the family ranch in Los Guajillos, Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico) I saw tombstones from the road.

I asked my father Lauro Garza about them and he stated that that was the cemetery of Los Zamora’s and my mother San Juana Tanguma stated that my grandfather’s father Yldefonso Zamora was buried there as well as his parents. This might explain why I have not been able to locate their burial place since this might just be it.

This happened in the 1990’s and by around 2006 the land around the cemetery was sold the monte was cut down and the tombstones could no longer be seen, it can just be assumed that they were also destroyed but if that is the case this is still the location were the cemetery should be located at.

Once the drug violence stops, I will go and find out if they were destroyed or if they are just covered by the tall grass. The following is a picture of the piece of land where the cemetery should be located at, the red circle mark’s the spot.

Source: “Zamora’s Cemetery” 26°14’16.14″ N  99°08’03.60″ W. Google Earth. September 30, 2010. May 23, 2011.