Hidalgo County Ranch Histories

Did your ancestors owned a ranch or land in Hidalgo county. I hope that the following book may be able to help you in finding more about your family history and genealogy. The book is titled “Hidalgo County Ranch Histories” and it was edited by Frances W. Isbell and printed by the Hidalgo County Historical Society and the Hidalgo County Historical Commission back in 1994.

 Cover of Book “Hidalgo County Ranch Histories”:

Hidalgo County Ranch Histories

The book starts with Common Misspellings Found on Headstones, Common Spanish Inscriptions – Epitaphs, and Burial Customs. Then it lists the following ranches.

62 Hidalgo County Ranches Mentioned in the book:

  • Agua Negra Ranch
  • Anacahuitas Ranch
  • Cama de los Muertos (Bed of the Dead)
  • Asadores Ranch
  • Balli Ranch
  • Bazan Ranch
  • Benavides Ranch
  • Rancho Blanco
  • Brewster Ranch
  • Los Burros Ranch
  • El Capote Ranch
  • El Carmen Ranch
  • El Cibolo Ranch
  • Cuevitas Ranch
  • El Desierto Ranch
  • Don Patricio Gonzalez Ranch
  • Los Ebanos Ranch
  • Granjefto Ranch
  • Guzman-Toluca Ranch
  • Handy Ranch
  • Havana Ranch
  • Immaculate Conception – McCook
  • Eli Jackson-Brewster Ranch
  • Jackson Ranch
  • Jaraschinas Ranch
  • Jesus Maria Ranch
  • Kelly’s Rancho Blanco
  • Laguna Seca Ranch
  • La Lomita Ranch
  • Lane Ranch
  • Longoria Ranch
  • La Noria Cardena Ranch
  • Los novillos Ranch
  • Null Ranch
  • Ojo de Agua Ranch – Abram
  • Pajaritos Ranch
  • La Pechuga Ranch
  • Pena Ranch
  • Penitas Ranch
  • La Reforrna Ranch
  • Relampago Ranch
  • Retama Ranch
  • Rios Family Cemetery
  • Rosario Ranch
  • El Rucio Ranch
  • San Jose Ranch
  • San Manuel Ranch
  • San Pedro Ranch
  • Santa Ana Ranch
  • Santa Anita Ranch
  • Santa Guadalupe Torero Ranch
  • Santa Monica Ranch
  • Santa Rita Garza Ranch
  • Santa Rita Ranch
  • Santos Valdez Ranch
  • Stockholm Community
  • Tabasco Ranch
  • Tampacuas Ranch
  • Toluca Ranch
  • Valdez Ranch
  • Webber Ranch
  • Zacatal Ranch

The book ends with an appendix listing the Municipal Cemeteries in Hidalgo county and four maps showing the location of the above mentioned ranches.

Were to obtain a copy:

  • Available from: Book Sales Committee Hidalgo County Historical Society P. 0. Box 81 Edinburg, Texas 78540-0081

Let me know in the comments area if any of your families still own or used to own any of the above mentioned ranches.

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  • Fannie C. Hewgley

    Thank you so much for this info on Hidalgo County ranches. I see several names of ranches mentioned that some of my Zamora family members owned, had part ownership in, or just lived and worked in through the years. Would you per chance have an e-mail address for the Hidalgo County Historical Society? Thank you.

    • http://www.wearecousins.info/ Moises Garza

      You are welcome. Hopefully you get to read this book and find out more information about your family. Unfortunately I do not have an email address for them.