Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Six by Crispin Rendon

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Crispin Rendon just released the sixth volume on his series for Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon. This Volume covers 1810 – 1816 and covers 304 marriages. I am sure that you as well as I am, are exited to start browsing this eBook so with nothing else here is the email that I received earlier form Crispin. 

eBook Cover of Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Six:

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Six by Crispin Rendon.JPG


This email is going out to the people in my genealogy address book.  There is not need to respond.

I have posted online the next volume in a series of books.  See the link below.

Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Six


Best regards,

Crispin Rendon

Let me know int eh comments if you find your ancestors on this eBook I sure would love to hear about them.

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  • Gregory Hernandez

    Question, I have a family member that was ordained sometime in the early 1800s, I know he was a priest at San Fernando Catholic Church in San Antonio by 1820. What I would like to find is where he studied, 1st church assigned, etc. I have reason to believe that he studied somewhere in the State of Nuevo Leon. Do you know of any seminaries, etc., that I could research, that were active during this timeframe?

    • http://www.wearecousins.info/ Moises Garza

      Hello Gregory,

      Unfortunately I do not have an answer for you. Several weeks ago I came across a will for one of my ancestors and she mentions that one of her sons was a priest. So at this point I have also been wondering about this same issue. I hope someone reads this comments and may provide us with an answer.

      Moises Garza



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