Dos familias en la conformacion historica del Noreste Novohispano Siglos XVII – XIX

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Dos Familias en la Conformacion Historica del Noreste Novo Hispano, Siglos XVII-XIX by Francisco Javier Rodriguez Gutierrez describes the strategies that some Northern Mexico families utilized to acquire, conserve, and consolidate their power and presence in the area from the beginning of the 17th century.

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Dos familias en la conformacion historica del Noreste Novohispano Siglos XVII - XIX.JPG

This book’s analysis centers around the Ramos de Arriola-Arizpe Fernández marriage union in 1753 which permitted the consolidation of haciendas, support of careers, and construction of buildings.

This book talks about more specifically the area between Saltillo and Monterrey which later extended to Nuevo Santander and Texas where the families expanded. This book also contains many images and an index of the names mentioned in the book. Some of my ancestors are mentioned there.

I am very Thankful to Dr. Pastrana for giving me this book as a gift.

Where Can You Obtain A Copy?

You can buy a copy of this book at Border Lands Books It will cost you $30.00 plus shipping. It is item #726.

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