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Jose Juan Manuel Antonio Guerra and Maria del Refugio Gonzalez, 1835 Marriage in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the 1835 marriage of my 4th great grandparents Jose Juan Manuel Antonio Guerra and Maria del Refugio Gonzalez. They got married in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The only interesting thing that the following document indicates is that they had to get a dispensa for having a Second with Third and a Third with Fourth grades of consanguinity. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate these marriage dispensations. Through other docuemtn I have come to knwo that the parents of Manuel are Jose Ignacio Guerra  and Maria Francisca Guadiano. The parents of Refugio are Rafael Gonzalez and Maria Manuela Guerra.

Cut out of original Image

Jose Juan Manuel Antonio Guerra and Maria del Refugio Gonzalez, Familysearch, Mier, 1835 Marriage Pg 1598.JPG

Transcript of above image:

N. 30 Jose Anto. Guerra Soltero Con Ma. Refugio Gonzs.

En esta PArroquia de la Villa de Mier a los Veinte y dos dias del mes de Julio de mil ochocientos treinta y sinco. Yo el Presbo. Jose Ancelmo Fuentes, Cura interino de Esta Villa, haviendo precedido todas las diligs. qe. previene el treno amonestados en tres dias festivos inter misarum Solemnia Segun dispocision del Santo concilio tridentino que lo fueron los dias sinco, dose y diez y nueve de Julio del precente ano. Y no habiendo resultado impedimto. algo. a mas del que esta dispensados los parentescos de consanga. en que se hayan ligados que son en segundo con tercer grado y en tercer con quatro y despues de la ultima amonestacion pasadas mas de las veinte y cuatro horas, Case y Vele infacie Ecclecie a Jose Anto Guerra con Ma. del Refugio Gonxs.fueron testigos al verlos casar y velar Jose Anto. Ybanez y los padrinos que los acompanarom Julio Guerra y Candelaria Barrera. Y para que conste lo firme.

Jose Ancelmo Fuentes


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1918 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1918 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by alphabetical order.

Cut out of Original Image:

1918 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg192-mod.jpg

Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >

Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1911-1940

 Transcript of Above Image:

Num 						Num
de		Nombres		Folios  	de 		Nombres		Folio
Actas						Actas
9	Alanis Leopoldo		6 f				M
24	Alanis Mercedes		14 f.v		11	Martinez Victoriano	6 v f
		C				23	Martinez Francisca	12 f.v
16	Cantu Lucas		9 f.v				P
18	Cantu Arturo		10 f		3	Pena Severo		3 f
26	Cantu Antonia		13 v 14 f	8	Pena Rosa		5 v 6 f
30	Cantu Julia		15 v		25	Pena Agustin		13 f v
32	Cantu Cruz		16 f v				S
		G				2	Santos Francisca de los	1 v
4	Guerra Ramon		3 f. v		10 	Solis Maria		6 v
7	Garcia Antonia		5 f. v		12	Salinas Pedro		7 f.v
14	Garcia Salome		8 fv		13	Salinas Felicitas	7 v 8 f
19	Garza Antonia		10 f.v		17	Salinas Celerino	9 v 10 f
20	Garza Hermenegildo	10 v 11 f	29	Salinas Severo		15 f v
22	Garcia Librado		11 v 12 f			T
31	Garcia Petra		16 f		5	Trevino Ma. Jesus	3 v 4 f
		H				6	Trevino Garcia Juan	4 v 5 f
15	Hinojosa Delia		8 v 9 f		28	Tijerina Alberto	14 v 15 f
24	Hinojosa Flavio		12 v 13 f			V
		I				21	Vela Eleuteria		11 fv
7	Ibarra Silvina		2 f

Romulo Rios


Camargo Church Baptism Records 1764 – 1864 Book I

The following book is definitely another great resource that you can use while researching your ancestors form Camargo, Tamaulipa, and the surrounding area. The following book “Camargo Church Baptism Records 1764 – 1864 Book I” covers the Camargo Nuevo Santander baptism records form 1764 to 1864 and then the Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico baptism records from 1821 to 1864.

Cover of Book for Camargo Church Baptism Records 1764 – 1864 Book I:

Camargo Church Baptism Records 1764 - 1864 Book I.JPG

It is indicated in the book that the baptisms contained in this book where extracted from the church of Nuestra Senora de Santa Anna Catholic Church Book XT.

If interested you can borrow it from the University of Texas Pan American.

You can also always check WorldCat to see if it is available in a library near you.

If you want to buy the book you can do so at SAGA’s Website.

A Genealogical Treasure In Edinburg, Texas

The University of Texas Pan American A Genealogical Treasure in Edinburg, Texas

When it comes to Genealogy many people don’t think about Edinburg, Texas. One thing that I have come to find out is that many people don’t even know or are aware of the genealogical treasure that one can find within this city. Continue reading

Bartholome Gonzalez, 1672 Death Record Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the image and transcription of the 1672 death record of my 11th great grandfather Bartholome Gonzalez. The following document indicates that he did not make will and that he was buried “de limosna”  charity. I am guessing he was poor. Bartholome had three wives and I am a descendant from him and Isabel Gomez de Esquivel. If anyone knows whom their parents are please let me know. Almost forgot this document also indicates that he was from Moron, Spain. Continue reading

Articles and Books by Richard G. Santos That You Should Read

Last month Alfredo Gutierrez made me aware of the passing of Richard G. Santos. Unfortunately I had never heard about Mr. Santos until I received that email from Alfredo. I quickly made a Google search and read more about Mr. Santos. Now I wish I would have had heard about him earlier and to have had an opportunity to exchange emails.  His articles are excellent and I thought that you should read them. Since I know you will find them very informative and his articles will bring the times that our ancestors lived into context. The following are just a few articles out of thousands that he wrote and a few books of the 37 that he wrote.

Some Articles by Richard G. Santos:

The following are some books that he wrote:

I highly recommend that you do a Google search to read more about Mr. Santos and also find more of his articles to read.

1863 Index to Deaths of China, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

1863 Index to Deaths of China, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. They are listed as they spear. There are no index pages for this year. I had to go page by page. If you need to you can find the image to the names on the following collection  Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 > China > Defunciones 1861-1890 pages 35 – 49.

 1863 Index to Death of China, Nuevo Leon, Mexico:

Acta	Name			Death Date	Husband/Wife	Father			From
1	Reyes Leal		1-13-1863			Marcelino Leal		China
								Evarista Villarreal
2	Jesus Rodriguez	        1-24-1863	Luz Cantu				China

3	Maria Policarpia Rodriguez 1-26-1863			Jesus Martinez		China
								Cresencia Sais
4	Felicito Quintanilla	1-29-1863			Antonio Quintanilla	China
								Guadalupe Leal
5	Francisca Villarreal	2-1-1863			Juan Villarreal		China
								Felipa de Leon
6	Maria Eustalia Cavasos 2-9-1863			        Atanacio Cabasos	China
								Maria Petra Resendes
7	Maria del Refugio Solis 3-2-1863			Rafel Solis		China
								Maria del Rosario Alanis
8	San Juana Rodriguez	3-7-1863			Tomas Rodriguez	        China
								Carmen Davila
9	Rodrigo Pena		3-20-1863			Blas Pena		China
								Dolores Canas
10	Rafael Quintanilla	3-20-1863						Cadereyta Jimenez

11	Felipe Tijerina		4-16-1863			Cosme Tijerina		China
								Dolores Cavasos
12	Maria Felipa Cantu	4-17-1863			Francisco Cantu	        China
								Gregoria Quintanilla
13	Natividad Balderas	4-21-1863			Jose Maria Balderas	China
								Candida amaya
14	Rosa Castillo		4-28-1863			Pedro Castillo		China
								Apolonia Gonzalez
15	Carmen Hernandez	5-1-1863			Fabian Hernandez	China
								Maria Ysabel Gonzalez
16	Ynaes Ramirez		5-5-1863			Victoriano Ramirez 	China
								Ramona Garza
17	Maria de la Luz Gonzalez 5-6-1863			Gregorio Gonzalez	China
								Timotea Hernandez
18	Maria Santos Gonzalez	5-10-1863			Pablo Gonzalez		Toro
								Matia Cantu

20	Antonia Pena		5-11-1863			Juan Pena		China
								Ygnacia Salinas
21	Estefana Vera		5-14-1863			Antonio Vera		China
								Ygnacia Garza
22	Florencio Montemayor	5-14-1863			Leonardo Montemayor	China
								Narcisa Gonzlaez
23	Mario Dario Chapa	5-17-1863			Vicente Chapa		China
								Margarita Cortez
24	Antonio Salinas		5-19-1863			Enrique Salinas		China
								Petra Rodriguez
25	Juliana Benavides	5-20-1863	Rafael Rodriguez			China

26	Juan Buitron		5-21-1863			Antonio Buitron	        China
								Luz Gonzalez
27	Refugio Tames		5-23-1863			Ramon Tames		China
								Leonarda Hernandez
28	Livorio Yvarra		5-23-1863			Caralampio Yvarra	China
								Ynocencia Gonzalez
29	Maria Elena Guerra	5-23-1863			Santos Guerra		China
								Ynes Gonzalez
30	Anastacia Lopez	5-29-1863			        Ygnacio Lopez 	China
								Panda Duran
31	Josefa elizondo		6-5-1863	Alejo Gonzalez				China

32	Andres Garza		6-9-1863						China
								Encarnacion Garza
33	Felipa Cantu		6-10-1863			Ramon Cantu		China
								Josefa Hernandez
34	Jesusa Montemayor	6-11-1863			Enemecio Montemayor	China
								Francisca Davila
35	Agustina sanchez	6-15-1863			Rejino Sanchez		China
								Rejina Perez
36	Petronilo Perez		6-16-1863			Manuel Perez		China
								Jesusa Vera
37	Pantaleona Gonzalez	6-17-1863			Mauricio Gonzalez	China
								Concepcion Garza	
38	Maria de los Santos Flores 6-19-1863			Ladislao Flores		China
								Maria Carmen Guerra
39	Maria Ramona Villarreal 6-22-1863			Feliciano Villarreal	China
								Maria Victoriana Gonzalez
40	Maria Carmen [?]	6-23-1863						China
								Refugio Galvan
41	Candelario Cavasos	6-24-1863						China
								Santos Cavasos
42	Maria Yanes Elizondo	6-25-1863			Santos Elizondo	        China
								Francisca Garza
43	Felipa Dias		6-26-1863						China
								Gregoria Diaz
44	Mariana Cantu		7-9-1863			Nieves Cantu		China
								Ygnacia Gonzalez
45	Tivurcio Elizondo	7-13-1863			Francisco Elizondo	China
								Petra Cavasos
46	Francisca Ramirez	7-13-1863			Victoriano Ramirez	China
								Maria Ramona Garza
47	Eduarda Cantu		7-20-1863			Cesilio Cantu		China
								Maria Marta Cantu
48	Estefana Garza		7-25-1863			Mauricio Garza		China
								Concepcion Gonzalez
49	Josefa Silva		7-27-1863			Felipe Silva		China
								Gabriela Sanmiguel
50	Vesenta Morales	8-1-1863			        Santos Morales		China
								Maria de los Angeles Lopez
51	Natividad Silva		8-2-1863			Felipe Silva		China
								Gabriela Sanmiguel
52	Cristoval Morales	8-12-1862			Santos Morales		China
								Angela Lopez
53	Vidal Hernandez	8-17-1863						        China
								Apolonia Hernandez
54	Lasaro Amaya		8-18-1863			Miguel Amaya		China
								Mateana Almaras	
55	Justa Morales		8-27-1863			Santos Morales		China
								Maria de los Angeles Lopez
56	Florencio Montemayor	8-28-1863			Leonardo Montemayor	China
								Narcisa Gonzalez
57	Maria de los Santos Gonzalez 8-28-1863		        Pablo Gonzlaez		China
								Maria Rosaria Cantu
58	Santos Ramirez		8-28-1863			Nasario Ramirez	        China
								San Juana Gonzalez
59	Juan Cantu		8-29-1863			Juan Bautista Cantu	China
								Maria de los angeles Quintanilla
60	Blas Pena		9-8-1863	Santos Elizondo			        China

61	Margarita Silva		9-29-1863	Simon Ybanes				China

62	Ramona Leal		10-2-1863	Refugio Gonzalez			Toro

63	Atanacio Cavasos	10-8-1863	Petra Resendes				China

64	Desiderio Fuentes	10-31-1863			Juan Fuentes		China
								Rita Flores
65	Pedro Cantu		10-31-1863			Ygnacio Cantu		Toro
								Susana Quintanilla
66	Juan Trevino		11-2-1863			Jose Maria Trevino	China
								Nepomucena Rojas
67	Maria del Refugio Gonzalez 11-8-1863	Julian Benavides			China

68	Francisca Quintanilla	12-2-1863			Carlos Quintanilla	Toro
								Patricia Gonzalez
69	Margarita Guerra	12-3-1863			Marcelino Guerra	China
								Brigida Gonzalez

Nicolas Marroquin and Maria Josepha de Alanis, 1734 Marriage Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The following is the October 17, 1734 marriage of my 6th great grandparents Nicolas Marroquin and Maria Josepha de Alanis, they got married in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The following documented indicates that Nicolas was the son of Nicolas Marroquin and Francisca Montemayor. It also indicates that the parents of Josepha are Lorenzo de Alanis and Fabiana Rodriguez. At the time fo the marriage Nicoals Sr. and both parents of the bride were deceased. The parents or the groom are listed as being from El Valled del Guaxuco present day Allende and Santiago Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Cut out of Original Image:

Nicolas Marroquin aqnd Maria Josepha de Alanis, FamilySearch, Monterrey, Marriages, 1734 Pg 185.jpg

 See Original Image

Transcript of above image:

Nicolas Marroquin Maria Josepha de Alanis

En dies y siete de este mes y ano Case y vele a Nicolas Marroquin hijo lexmo. de Nicolas Marroquin difunto y de Franca. de Montemaior Espanoles y Vecinos del Valle del Guaxuco y a Maria Josepha de Alanis Hija Lexma de Lorenzo de Alanis y de Fabiana Rodriguez difuntos. F. T. Joseph Anto. Rodriguez y Pedro Manzon premisies Equisitiny yo lo firme.

fr. Juan Baez Trevino Cura

Source: FamilySearch

1917 Civil Registry Death Index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1917 Civil Registry Death index for Doctor Coss, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is listed by last name in alphabetical order.

Cut out of Original Image:

1917 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg173-mod1.jpg 1917 Death Index of Doctor Coss pg173-mod2.jpg

Mexico, Nuevo León, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 >

Doctor Coss > Defunciones 1911-1940

 Transcript of Above Image:

Numero		Nombres
	6	Alanis Dolores
	13 	Alanis Jose
	22	Bazan Josefa
	16	Cantu Angelica
	2	Garcia Elvira
	11	Garcia [?]
	14	Gutierrez Delia
	20	Garcia Yrenea
	5	Hinojosa Roque
	9	Hinojosa Leopoldo
	15	Loepz Josefa
	18	Luera Rogelio
	8	Leal Pedro
	4	Rios Yldefonsa
	7	Rodriguez Pablo
	10	Rendon Eleuterio
	21	Reyna Julia
	23	Rios Victoriano
	22	Rodriguez Maximiana
	3	Salinas Anastacia
	12	Salinas Macedonia
	19	Salinas Ma. de los Angeles
	17	Trigo Cruz
	1	Zalazar Octaviana