1926 Birth Index of Congregacion Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Index to the 1926 births in Congregacion Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Cutout of original images:

Mexico, Tamaulipas, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 > Arcabuz > 

Transcription of above Images:

A R C A B U Z  .
A C T A S   D E   N A C I M I E N T O S  .
N O.  D E.  ACTAS .                 N O M B R E S .
No.        1.-                  Manuel Reyna
No.        2.-                  Maria Guerra
No.        3.-                  Betsabe Alaniz
No.        4.-                  Feliciana Pena
No.        5.-                  Ernestila Flores
No.        6.-                  Benito Rangel
No.        7.-                  Santos Saenz
No.        8.-                  Jesusa Sanchez
No.        9.-                  Otilia Flores
No.      10.-                  Juliana Pena
No.      11.-                  Paz Guerra
No.      12.-                  Jose Soliz
No.      13.-                  Jose Garcia
No.      14.-                  Fidela Ofira Gonzalez
No.      15.-                  Alonso Faraon Gonzalez
No.      16.-                  Elida Alaniz
No.      17.-                  Manuel Reyna
No.      18.-                  Gregorio Trevino
No.      19.-                  Maria Garcia
No.      20.-                  Benancio Flores
No.      21.-                  Francisca Marroquin
No.      22.-                  Bonifacio Alaniz
No.      23.-                  Luis Vasquez
No.      24.-                  Iginio Garza
No.      25.-                  Guadalupe Garza
No.      26.-                  Teodulo Guerra
No.      27.-                  Eberto Guerra
No.      28.-                  Hortencia Pena
No.      29.-                  Francisca Pena
No.      30.-                  Clementina Pena
No.      31.-                  Rafael Jorge Perez
No.      32.-                  Bertha Reyna
No.      33.-                  Evangelina Lopez
No.      34.-                  Jose Maria Garza
No.      35.-                  Marciano Cruz
No.      36.-                  Nicanor Garcia
No.      37.-                  Leonel Reyna
No.      38.-                  Silvestre Garza
No.      39.-                  Heriberto Flores
No.      40.-                  Simplicio Gonzalez
No.      41.-                  Manuel Flores
No.      42.-                  Leonel Marroquin
No.      43.-                  Adalberto alaniz
No.      44.-                  Jose Salazar
No.      45.-                  Domingo Olivarez
No.      46.-                  Paulo Olivares
No.      47.-                  Herlinda Olivares
No.      48.-                  Inocencion Saenz
No.      49.-                  Eriberto Trevino
No.      50.-                  Aurora Trevino
No.      51.-                  Audalio Lopez
No.      52.-                  Aurora Garcia
No.      53.-                  Rodolfo Trevino
No.      54.-                  Rosa Segovia
No.      55.-                  Rodolfo Garza
No.      56.-                  Hortencia Botello
No.      57.-                  Jesusa Reyna
No.      58.-                  Esther Reyna
No.      59.-                  Jesus Maria Reyna
No.      60.-                  Jose Reyna
No.      61.-                  Refugio Reyna
No.      62.-                  Maria Reyna
No.      63.-                  Felipe Reyna
No.      64.-                  Daniel Reyna
No.      65.-                  Lorenzo Reyna
No.      66.-                  Porfiria Reyna
No.      67.-                  Rodrigo Reyna
No.      68.-                  Manuela Alaniz
No.      69.-                  Eustolio Reyna
No.      70.-                  Maria Vasquez
No.      71.-                  Nicolasa Soliz
No.      72.-                  Albina Garza
No.      73.-                  Florinda Garza
No.      74.-                  Consuelo Garza
No.      75.-                  Cleotilde Garza
No.      76.-                  Adela Pena
No.      77.-                  Manuela Ebangelina Pena
No.      78.-                  Matias Pena
No.      79.-                  Juan Guerra
No.      80.-                  Noe Gonzalez
No.      81.-                  Oralia Garza
No.      82.-                  Cleotilde Botello
No.      83.-                  Maximo Botello
No.      84.-                  Eugenio Botello
No.      85.-                  Ismael Soliz
No.      86.-                  Roberto M. Reyna
Sources: FamilySearch

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