by Moises Garza

September 8, 2022

Alonso de Sosa Albornoz Conquistador of New Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Alonso de Sosa Albornoz was one of the conquistadors of New Mexico, here you can read more about who he married and the names of his children.

I recently came across a book titled "Tres Conquistadores y Pobladores de Nueva España". In it I came across some information for one of my ancestors, Alonso de Sosa Albronoz, my 10th great grandfather.

On page 214 the author Francisco Fernandez del Castillo states that he has a list of conquistadors of New Mexico for the 1598 expedition. He states that:

Numero 67. "“El Capitán don Alonso de Sosa Albornoz, natural
del valle de Xuchitl, hijo de don Francisco de Sosa Albornoz, y de
doña Inés de Tapia, vecinos de México, y doña Beatriz de Navarro,
natural de Saltillo, su mujer, hija de Juan Navarro y de María
Rodríguez, su mujer, vecinos de Saltillo, lleva del primer matrimonio
cuatro hijos, llamados, Francisco, Andrés, Crescendo y Juan de Sosa,
y del segundo matrimonio a una niña llamada Ana de Sosa.”

Here is the English translation:

Number 67. "“Captain don Alonso de Sosa Albornoz, natural
of the Xuchitl valley, son of don Francisco de Sosa Albornoz, and of
Doña Inés de Tapia, residents of Mexico, and Doña Beatriz de Navarro,
a native of Saltillo, his wife, daughter of Juan Navarro and María
Rodríguez, his wife, neighbors of Saltillo, has been from his first marriage
four sons, named, Francisco, Andrés, Crescendo and Juan de Sosa,
and from the second marriage to a girl named Ana de Sosa.”

I have seen lists in books but none provide this amount of detail. Now the book where it comes from was published back in 1927 and the author did not provide details were it came from.

Could it be that this list is out there? I sure hope so. I looked for it on PARES but I could not find one. They do have a file concerning New Mexico and it's conquest but it has not been digitized.

While trying to locate this list I came across Jose Antonio Esquivel's website Beyond Origins of NM Families who I consider to be the authority on New Mexico Hispanic research.

In his website he has a page dedicated to the Alonso de Sosa Albornoz and you can check it out here: Sosa Albornoz

In it he presents more on the genealogy of Alonso and the documents supporting it. He also clarifies prior erroneous research that has been done.

Also, it is important to note that Alonso was murdered in New Mexico after he petitioned Juan de Onate to allow him to leave New Mexico. 

His widow then married Bernabe de las Casas. It is tragic that Alonso got murdered but if he would have had lived many of us would not be here since we are descendants of both marriages of Beatriz.

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  1. Thank you Moises.
    I am a descendant of both of these husbands of Beatriz de Navarro. I had also read of the ambush after Alonso de Sosa Albornoz was 'allowed' to leave NM with his family.

  2. Surprise Moises!!! I am also a descendant of Captain don Alonso de Sosa Albornoz. Unbelievable how many ways you and I are related.

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