by Moises Garza

August 17, 2021

1675 Marriage of Diego de Villarreal and Maria Tomasa Flores
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the December 25, 1675 church marriage record of my 8th great grandparents Diego de Villarreal and Maria Tomasa Flores who got married in what is now Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The record does not indicate the names o their parents. It does mention that they has a dispensation done but to date I have not been able to find it.

Fortunately for us, from records we know that the parents of Diego de Villarreal are Diego de Villarreal and Beatriz de las Casas. The parents of Maria Tomasa Flores are  Pedro Flores de Abrego and Margarita de la Garza.

It is also important to note that I have found Tomasa is many records with the name of Tomasina.

Below it the transcription of their marriage record.

Transcription of Above Image

Diego de Villa
Rl, y tomasa
Flores vela-

En veinte y cinco de Diciembre de mil y seicientos
y setenta y cinco años despose por palabras de pre
sente al Capan. Diego de Villa Rl. y Thomasa Flo
res Vazos. de este Rno. en Virtud de dispensa que Con
Los Suso dhos hizo Su [?] Illma. el señor obpo de este
Reyno entersero Con quarto grado de sanguinidad
y en tersero grado de afinidad por Capula lisita
y segundo Con tersero grado de afinidad a viendo pro
sedido Las vanas en quinse, dies y ocho, y veinte y
uno de dho mes; fueron testigos el Sargto. mayor Blas
de la Garza, el Capan. Lazaro de la Garza y el Capan.
Miguel de la Garza Vezos. de dho Rno. y para que
Conste Lo firme ut supra. =

Joseph Guaxardo

If this couple is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to them in the comments of this blog post.


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  1. Hi Moises, These couple is also my ancestors, Francisca de Villarreal m to Pedro Peche11/3/1756. She is the daughter of Francisco de Villarreal and Ma Catarina de la Garza they were married on 8/9/1710, he is the son of Diego de Villarreal and Tomasa Flores. Ma Catarina is the daughter of Jan Perez de la Garza and Maria Cantu. Of course Diego is the son of Diego de Villarreal and Beatriz de las Casas m 12/25/1675

  2. Diego de Villarreal de las Casas is my 7th great uncle, and his father, Capitan Diego de Villarreal is my 8th Great grandfather married to Beatriz de las Casas. I have a screenshot of her Will referring to her husband as Diego de Villarreal, and her sons, Diego, Juan Bautista, Bernabe, Francisco, Cristobal and Juan.

  3. Hello Moises, I am wondering if we are really cousins. My grandmother's family are Villareal and Garza's. On my grandfather's side Flores and Villareal's. My grandmother's family is from Piedras Negras, San Nicolas Hidalgo, Mexico. My grandfather's family is from Villa de Carmen, and i understand they can from the Canery islands.

  4. God bless all of your endeavors to help us all. I just wish that I had been raised speaking my mother tongue; which i am able to read but do not fully understand. I am celebrating my 82nd birthday today and caring for an invalid husband so chances are that my research will continue to be limited. But every single info jewel that comes my way is treated like a treasure. Thank you and God bless🙏❤️

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