by Moises Garza

February 9, 2021

1733 Marriage of Simon Sanchez and Juana Maria Ramirez
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the November 27, 1733 marriage record of my great grandparents Simon Sanchez and Maria Juana Ramirez whom got married in what is now Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

As we saw in last weeks post 1707 Baptism of Simon Sanchez Navarro, Simon was listed as being a mestizo  but in this record he is listed as being a Spaniard. I bring this up to point out that not all records will agree with each other. They even have conflicting information as this one.

The best we can do is to make note of such conflicts.

Besides the above I really loved this record because it mentions the names of the parents. The parents of Simon are Marcos Sanchez and Catarina Flores. The parents of Juana Maria are listed as Antonio Ramirez and Juana Sanchez.

The record also indicates that both of them were "vesinos" neighbors of Saltillo.

Finally, it mentions that Marcos Ramirez is deceased. It is important since it tells us that the other parents listed died after this date. It also provides a "before" date for the death of Marcos thus helping us narrow down the time frame to look for death records for them.

Transcription: 1733 Marriage of Simon Sanchez and Juana Maria Ramirez

Simon Sanchez, y Jua. Ma.
Ramirez [?]. Casdos.
Velados, y Dispensdos.

Enla Parroquial deel Saltillo en Veinte y Siete de Nove. deSetecs. treinta y tres as. Ehas las deligs. por los dispuestos, y adquirida dispen sacion de quatro grados ygual de conanguinidad por el Yltmo Sr. Obpo deesta [?] mi Sr. amonestado en tres dias festivos intermis [?] solmnia [?] resulto Ympediminto. [?] [?], Confesados, y Comulgado, recomendantes de consentimto. de los Padres, Se despojo Infacie Eclesies por Palabras de Preste. Simon Sanchez Espnl. originario, y vecino. deesta Villa, hijo lexo. de Marcos Sanchez ya difunto, y de Catarina Flores, = Con Jua. Maria Ramires Espa. Originaria y Veca. deesta Va. hija lexma. de Antonio Ramires, y de Jua. Sanchez, dho dia [?] las Bendios. Nupciales, fueron testigos, Jus. de Abrego, Vda. de Espiño, Loreso Flores, y otros muchos, y lo firme. =

[?] Rodrigo Laredo
de Sotomaior

If this couple is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to them in the comments of this blog post.


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