by Moises Garza

May 12, 2020

1803 Baptism of Maria Juliana Raymunda Flores
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the 1803 baptism record of my wife's 3rd great grandfather mother Maria Juliana Reymunda Flores who was baptized in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I came across her baptism date in the book "Camargo Church Baptism, Records 1764-1864" but it only had that she was baptized in 1803. Unfortunately FamilySearch does not have these records online.

Good thing that my local university had them. I found the 1803 records and went one by one until I found hers. She was baptized on March 26, 1803. Below it the transcription of the record which I had a really hard time reading.

Before you read it let me just tell you a bit more about Maria Juliana. Her parents are Jose Maria Flores and Maria de Jesus Villarreal. She grows up to marry Jose Alejandro Flores and has 10 to 11 children with him. I say that because two of them, I think, are the same person I have just not found the proof.

Transcription of Above Image

De las Cuevas

Ma. Juliana

En esta Villa de Santa Anna de Camargo en veinte y seis del mes de
Marso de Mil ochocientos y tres años. Yo Fr. Pedro Maldo. y Zapata como mi-
nistro de esta Villa en esta Sant Yglecia Parrochial de mi cargo. Baptise
solemnemente y puse los Santos Oleos, y Chrisma a una Ynfanta Espa-
ñola de dies dias de nacida a quien puse por nombre, Maira Juliana
Reymunda hija lexitima de Joseph Maria Flores, y de Maira de Jesus
Villarreal. Fueron los Padrinos Joseph Antonio Salinas, y su esposa
Maria Salome de la Peña. a quines adverti su obligacion y paren
tesco Espiritual. Todos son de la Jurisdiccion de Reynosa la
que tengo encargada, y para que conste lo fieme en esta dicha Villa
dicho dia, mes, y año. et Supra.

Fr. Pedro Maldo. y Zapata

If  she is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to her in the comments of this blog post.


1. Camargo Church Baptism, Records 1764 - 1864 (Corpus Christi, Texas, Spanish American Genealogical Association, September, 1989), Pg. 74.

2. Camargo Baptism Register 1796-1808, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Special Collections, Edinburg, TX, Pg. XT 85, Las Villas del Norte Digital Archives Image 20161015_134613.

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  1. It reads she was 10 days old on Mar.26 when she
    was baptized. Won’t that make her birth on Mar. 06.

    Thank you, Amelia Ochoa

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