by Moises Garza

December 17, 2019

1823 Marriage of Jose Emeterio Ramos and Maria Gregoria Isaguirre
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the November 5, 1823 marriage of Jose Emeterio Ramos and Maria Gregoria Isaguirre who got married in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Maria Gregoria is my 5th great-grandmother and Jose Emeterio was her second husband.

Maria Gregoria was first married to my 5th great grandfather Jose Eugenio Canales.

This record indicates that the parents of Jose Emeterio are Cayetano Ramos and Dorotea Gonzalez. The parents of Maria Gregoria are not listed but they are Jose Manuel Isaguirre and Maria Dorotea Gonzalez.

Below is the transcript of their marriage record.

Transcription of The Marriage of Jose Emeterio Ramos and Maria Gregoria Isaguirre

N. 9
Ramos sol-
tero con
Ma. Grego-
ria Yza-
guirre Vi-

Dn. Felipe de Jesus Cepeda cura interino de etha Villa con
cluidas las diligencias en eto necesarias, obtenido la dispen
sa de un parentesco de sangre en tercer grado igual y la ca
pula inceranosa, leydas las tres moniciones en los dias veinte
seis, y veinte y ocho de Octubre y primero de Noviembre del
año referido, y no habiendo resultado impedimiento case
infacie Eclesiac pr. palabras de presente a Emeterio Ra-
mos soltero hijo lego. de Cayetano Ramos defunto y de Do-
rotea Gonzalez con Ma. Gregoria Yzaguirre viuda de Jose
Eugenio Canales: fueron testigos tomas Recio y Jose Anto.
Ybañez; y padrinos qe los acompañaron Jose Eusebio Yza-
guirre y Ma. Segunda Ramos; y pa. qe. conste lo firme.

Felipe de Jesus Cepeda

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If this couple is also one of your ancestors please let me know how you are related to them in the comments of this blog post.


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  1. Below is how I am related to your 5th great grandmother
    Maria Gregoria Isaguirre 1794-
    aunt of wife of 2nd cousin 6x removed
    Jose Manuel Isaguirre 1770-1856
    Father of Maria Gregoria Isaguirre
    Maria Brigida Luisa Isaguirre 1797-1869
    Daughter of Jose Manuel Isaguirre
    Maria Josefa Garcia 1827-
    Daughter of Maria Brigida Luisa Isaguirre
    Juan de Dios Garcia 1836-1898
    Husband of Maria Josefa Garcia
    Jose Remigio Garcia
    Father of Juan de Dios Garcia
    Maria Gertrudis Flores 1760-1820
    Mother of Jose Remigio Garcia
    Pedro Jose Flores -1773
    Father of Maria Gertrudis Flores
    Maria Guadalupe Flores 1740-1786
    Daughter of Pedro Jose Flores
    Maria Del Refugio Botello 1760-
    Daughter of Maria Guadalupe Flores
    Jose Vicente Julian Alvarado 1799-
    Son of Maria Del Refugio Botello
    Jose Gabriel Alvarado 1819-1874
    Son of Jose Vicente Julian Alvarado
    Maria De Jesus Alvarado 1844-1920
    Daughter of Jose Gabriel Alvarado
    Adelaida Gallegos 1866-
    Daughter of Maria De Jesus Alvarado
    Maria Antonia Gonzales 1889-1927
    Daughter of Adelaida Gallegos
    Jose Villarreal 1913-1968
    Son of Maria Antonia Gonzales
    Leroy Villarreal
    You are the son of Jose Villarreal

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