by Moises Garza

February 13, 2018

"México, Nuevo León, registros parroquiales, 1667-1981," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Monterrey > Catedral > Matrimonios 1667-1800 > image 53 of 732; Parroquias de la Iglesia Católica, Nuevo León (Catholic Church parishes, Nuevo León).
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

This is the July 27, 1695 Marriage of my 10th great grandparents Juan Chapa and Maria Munguia in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The page where the first part of this record is is badly torn and thus missing almost half of the record. We only know it belongs to this couple due to their names being written on the left margin.

This record does not mention the names of the parents but thanks to other sources we know that the parents of Juan Chapa are Juan Bautista Chapa and Beatrice Olivares de Treviño. 

The parents of Maria Munguia are Juan Munguia and Leonor Mancha.

The witnesses listed in this record are Lucas Gonzalez, Juan Botello, and Joseph de Urdiales.

Transcription of Above Image

Ju de chapa y Maria de Munguia

En veinte y siete de Julio de mil [torn]
y cinco Años despose y vele [torn]
Maria de Munguia vezi [torn]

next page

aviendo presedido las vanas en veinte y quatro
veinte y cinco, y veinte y seis de dcho mes y año
fueron testigos Lucas Gonzalez Juan Botello
y Joseph de Urdiales. y para que conste lo fir
me utsupra =

F Joseph Guaxardo

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  • "México, Nuevo León, registros parroquiales, 1667-1981," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Monterrey > Catedral > Matrimonios 1667-1800 > image 53 of 732; Parroquias de la Iglesia Católica, Nuevo León (Catholic Church parishes, Nuevo León).
  • Crispin D. Rendon - Ancestor Book for Moises Garza (3430 Bahia Place, Riverside, CA 92507, Crispin D Rendon, February 9, 2014), Personal Archives of Moises Garza, Pg. 250.

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  1. My records show that Juan Chapa was my 9th great grandfather by his & María de Munguia’s daughter–María Josefa who married Francisco Narciso de la Garza-Falcón. If this is not correct, can you please text me at the e-Mail below. Thanks!

  2. After re-examining my files, I find that I cannot prove who the parents of María Josefa Chapa are. However,
    when Crispin Rendón sent me a file of my ancestors, it included the following:
    341. Francisco Narciso11 GARZA, christened 28 Aug 1675 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, son of 480.
    Sargento Mayor Francisco GARZA FALCON and 481. Leonor RENTERIA. He married abt 1700 342. Maria
    Josefa CHAPA, born 1680 in Mexico, daughter of 482. Sargento Juan CHAPA and 483. Maria MUNGUIA.
    Children of Francisco Narciso GARZA and Maria Josefa CHAPA were as follows:
    231 i Sargento Francisco10 GARZA FALCON, born abt 1705 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico;
    died 22 Mar 1790 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He married in 1740 Maria Josefa
    GUAJARDO, born 1720 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, daughter of alférez Joseph
    ii Javiera10 GARZA FALCON.
    iii Antonio10 GARZA FALCON. He married in 1731 in Sabinas, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    Margarita Quiteria SERNA, daughter of Capitan Felix SERNA and Maria GARZA

  3. Maria Munguia was my 7th great aunt. She was the sister of my 7th great grandpa Bernabe Munguia whom was married to Xacinta Reina whom were the parents of Ramon Munguia. Ramon Munguia was granted a Reynosa porcion. Ramon had a son named Pedro Munguia whom was married to Encarnacion de la Garza. They had a daughter named Maria Reyes Munguia whom married Teodoro Zamora whom were my 3rd great grandparents. Teodoro and Maria Reyes were the parents of Miguel Zamora whom married Francisca Villarreal. They were my 2nd great grandparents. They had a son named Alvino Zamora whom married Lina Hernandez whom had a son named Uvaldo Zamora whom married Natalia Garza–my grandparents. Thanks.

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