The Kingdom of Nuevo Leon, The Cradle of Coahuila, Tejas and Nuevo Santander

Months ago I came across a very small booklet titled “The Kingdom of Nuevo Leon The Cradle of Coahuila, Tejas and Nuevo Santander” by Leonel Garza published back in 1989.

Even-though it is a very small book it contains a great deal of information about the early settlers of Nuevo Leon. At a quick glance you will find that many of the names mentioned are very familiar and many of them are some of my very own ancestors.

Unfortunately Leonel did not provide citations to many of the details within the book, from experience I know most of them to be correct since many of them can be found within the archives of Monterrey. On others he provides clues as to where the details are mentioned.

I am sharing this book with you since it is a quick read and also because i want to make sure you are aware that it exists and it is out there. Below you can see the locations were you can get a hold of a copy.

Cover of Book “The Kingdom of Nuevo Leon The Cradle of Coahuila, Tejas and Nuevo Santander”

Where to Read Book

The copy I read can be found at the local university in Edinburg Texas: UTRGV LIbrary

If you don’t live any where near UTRGV you can check to see which library nearest to you may have a copy.

Good luck and I hope you get to read this short book.


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