Families of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Ten

Last month Cripin Rendon released volume Ten of the Families of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon. Make ensure to get your copy of this free eBook, since it is a valuable resource. Also, you never know when you may need it. Also make sure to read Crispin’s description so that you now what he eBook contains.

Description of Volume by Crispin Rendon

Volume ten of Families of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon continues from volume nine containing marriage information from 500 marriage records found on the FamilySearch.org browse online collection (matrimonios 1789-1830). These marriages in volume ten occurred in the time Span of December 1, 1821 to August 30, 1827. These marriages are found on images 431 to 530. Basic information from the marriage records is presented along with other information gathered in an attempt to present two generation descendant reports. Most of the nonmarriage record information was gathered using the FamilySearch.org database index.

Cover of eBook Families of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Volume Ten


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As I always mention it to you, I’ll say it again, don’t forget, make sure to download your own copy. If you see Crispin don’t forget to say thank you. Have fun and enjoy, talk to you soon.

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