The 1696 Baptism of Joaquin Cavazos in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This is the 1696 baptism of my 7th great grandfather Joaquin Cavazos in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This document is interesting in that it shows his date of birth, March 28, 1696. OK the record does not show the year but from the surrounding documents and record collection we get the year. 

His parents are listed as Joseph Cavazos and Jacinta Fernandez. His godparents are listed as Juan Guerra and Elena Cavazos.

Joaquin grows up to marry Ana Catarina Rodriguez de Montemayor.

Cut Out of Original Image:

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Transcription of Above Image:

​Joaquin Español me[?]

En dicho dia mes y año en dicha Parroquial Baptise Y puse los Santos Oleos a Joaquin que nacio a veinte ocho de Marzo hijo de Joseph Cavazos y de Jasinta Fernandez fueron Padrinos Juan Guerra y Elena Cavazos a quienes adverti el parentesco Espiritual que avian contraido y La obligazion que tenien de enseñarle la Doctrina christiana a su aijado y Para Conste Lo firme = et Supara

Br. Lorenzo Perez de Leon


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