by Moises Garza

May 4, 2017

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The marriage record of my 8th great grandparents indicated that there was a marriage dispensation done. When you come across one like I just did in their marriage record it is very important to follow up to see what other clues or genealogical pertinent information you can find.

We are lucky that the marriage dispensations that happened in Monterrey from 1653 through 1779 are online at FamilySearch. Unfortunately it is impossible to find them without the proper tools, in these case books.

The first book I searched was “Index to the Marriage Investigation of the Diocese of Guadalajara 1653-1750“. On page 33 there it was, the extracted marriage investigation. You can see the cut out from the page below.

As you can see the record not only has the names of their parents but that of several branches of their ancestors. It clearly indicates how they were related and why the marriage dispensation as needed. What is great about these extraction is that each lines mentions the set of ancestors unlike some other ones that just mention the name of the ancestors that they descend from.

Another resource that I looked at was the book “Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia Expedientes de la Serie de MAtrimonios Extractos Siglos XVII-XVIII” by Maria de la Luz Montejano Hilton. I found the marriage dispensation extraction on page 49 #15

Here is the text of the above image:


Monterrey. N.L Agosto 17 de 1695 Exp 6 – Dispensa de tercero con cuarto grado
de consanguinidad – Antonio Guerra, de 20 años de edad, hijo legítimo del Cap.
Ignacio Guerra y de María de La Garza, difunta, vecinos de esta ciudad: con
Antonia de la Garza, doncella de 16 años de edad, hija legítima del Alférez
Nicolas da la Garza y da María da Treviño. vecinos de esta ciudad. Declaración
del pretenso: Que el Cap. Pedro de la Garza, mi bisabuelo y Francisco de la
Garza, fueron hermanos legítimos, y del dicho Pedro de la Garza, casado con Inés
Rodríguez Guajardo, procedió Elena da la Garza, mi abuela, que fué casada con el
Cap. Juan Cavazos. dé quienes procedió la dicha María de la Garza, mi madre. Y
por la otra parte del dicho Francisco de la Garza, que fué casado con Juana
García, procedió el dicho Nicolas de la Garza, que esta casado con la dicha
María de Treviño. de quienes procede la contrayente. Se otorgó la dispensa en la
Ciudad de Guadalajara. en 13 de septiembre de 1695 11 fojas.

Sagrada Mitra de Guadalaiara Rollo
167979 OAH 2344 pt 1. Matnmonios
Hojas Suelus. 1690 17 de agosto de

What is so great about these two resources is that they provide the microfilm number of 167979. With this you can go to FAmilySearch and at their card Catalog enter it and then it will provide you with more information about the microfilm and also a link to browse through it.

The microfilm has 318 images and on image 274 you will find the marriage dispensation of Antonio Guerra. It is 11 pages so no transcription of it will be done by me at this time, hopefully in the future.

This is the signature of Antonio Guerra found on the dispensation.


  • Index to the Marriage Investigations of the Diocese of Guadalajara 1653 – 1750, Pg. 33 #6-15.


  • “México, Nuevo León, registros parroquiales, 1667-1981,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 21 May 2014), Monterrey > Catedral > image 53 of 732; Parroquias de la Iglesia Católica, Nuevo León (Catholic Church parishes, Nuevo León).


  • Jose O. Guerra Jr., Descendants of Ignacio Guerra Cnamar (Houston Texas, Hispanic Genealogical Society, 1997), Personal Archives of Moises Garza, Pg. 2.


  • Maria de la Luz Montejano Hilton, Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia Expedientes de la Serie de Matrimonios Extractos Siglos XVII-XVIII (Mexico D.F., , 1999), University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, Texas., Pg. 49 #215.

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