Las Villas del Norte Genealogy Group is Now on Meetup

Over a year ago I created Las Villas del Norte in order to provide everyone in the United States with a website that would offer what a real brick and mortar Genealogy Society offers but on a digital platform. You can say that our headquarters is

We do hold monthly meetings at the Speer Memorial Library in Mission Texas. And an issue that has been coming up over and over again each month is that of, how can we provide an easy way to let members know and the public about our meetings. I also had the same issue when presenting to other genealogy societies throughout Texas. How can I tell everyone of my upcoming presentations.

What I came up with was putting Las Villas del Norte on Our address there is:

Las Villas del Norte is Now on Meetup

You will find that we already have 11 meet up’s scheduled. Seven are for Las Villas del Norte in our Mission Location, one for Laredo, one for Corpus Christi, and one for McAllen.

We will soon be letting members of Las Villas del Norte schedule their presentations in this same page as an extra benefit for their membership. This will also help you stay aware of interesting presentations that may be happening in your area.

How to Join Meetup

Now, there are two things that I need you to do. One is go to and join our group. If you don’t have an account don’t worry just create a free one.

Get the Free App for Your Cell Phone

Second install the free app on your android and apple phones.



You will have our schedule in your fingertips plus many other great features. You will also be kept up to date of all my upcoming presentations throughout Texas.

Challenge to Genealogy Societies, Associations, and Groups

I challenge every genealogy society to get a meet up account and post your future meetings there. once there everyone interested in Genealogy will be able to see your presentation schedule. Lets keep everyone informed and adopt meetup as our platform to announce our meetings and or presentations.

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