Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 – June 2015

This past Monday Las Villas del Norte published their June newsletter. Here is more information about it just in case that you may be interested in getting a copy of it. It contains information about their last three presentations and something that may be of great interest to you is that it contains family groups of some first settlers of Camarge, Mier, and Revilla. It also contains an article talking about Mario Davila’s upcoming book “Los Primeros Pobladores de Reynosa 1749-1757”.

Table of Contents for This Newsletter:

1 New Members of Las Villas del Norte Pg 2
2 Questions for our Members Pg 3
3 Our Meetings Pg 10
4 Calendar of Future and Past Presentations Pg 11
5 Our Last Three Presentations Pg 12
6 In The Works Pg 13
7 Our Logo Pg 13
8 What’s New on Las Villas del Norte Website Pg 14
9 From Las Villas del Norte Blog Pg 15
10 Early Settlers of Camargo: Bartolome Trevino and Ana Maria Garcia Pg 16
11 Early Settlers of Revilla: Miguel Martinez and Clara Trevino Pg 17
12 Early Mier Settlers: Jose Francisco Angel de la Garza and Maria Cayetana Pena Pg 18
13 Early Settlers of Revilla: Jose Bartolome Lizarraras Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez Pg 19
14 Free eBooks Pg 20
15 Introducing “Los Primeros Pobladores de Reynosa 1749-1757” Pg 22

How to get a Copy of This Newsletter:

Get the Digital Copy for Free When You Join Las Villas del Norte: BECOME A MEMBER

Or you can also buy it on printed form on for $10.00: BUY NOW



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