Defunciones of De Leal and De Leon in Cadereyta Jimenez N.L 1840 – 1846

Browsing through images can take a great deal of time and I am thankful that Juan de Leon continues to share with me and the readers of this blog with his research. His focus is on the Leal and De Leon last names. This time he shares with us the death index of Leals and De Leons that can be found on the Church records for Cadereyta Jimenes Nuevo Leon covering the years 1840 – 1846.

This book is a continuation of his previous book by the same topic and title “Defunciones De Cadereyta Jimenez N.L 1754-1763 y 1829-1840”. At the end of this post you will find links to download both eBooks.

Book Cover of Defunciones of De Leal and De Leon in Cadereyta Jimenez N.L 1840 – 1846

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Previous Book:

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