Falcon Viejo or Ramireno de Abajo C. 1949 by Jorge Ramirez

This past Sunday Jorge Ramirez shared with us a post about Falcon Viejo or Ramireno de Abajo and several images on our Facebook Group. I think that it is a very important post and that it should not be left just on Facebook. I wanted to share it with everyone on may mailing list and every reader of We Are Cousins, so I asked for permission to re-post it here on the blog and fortunately Jorge agreed to let me share it with you.

FALCON VIEJO OR RAMIRENO DE ABAJO C. 1949….before being inundated by the Falcon Dam in 1954. Listed are the property owners at the time. As a baby, I was there with my family from 1950 to 1954. My Dad was working at the Falcon Dam during that time. There was also a “Cantina”, a Post Office/Store managed by Maria and Alejo Ramirez. Diana Ramirez Garza; This was the Ramireno where my Grandfather was born.

FALCON VIEJO (Ramireño de Abajo) TEXAS c 1949 before flooded by Falcon Dam (property owners listed) Parcel numbers:

1 Antonio Benavidez Zeped
2 Miguel Hernandez
3 Unk
4 Prajedes Hernandez
5 Community House & School
6 Tomas Ramirez
7 Manuel Yzaguirre
8 Nicasio Gonzalez
9 Paula R. Arriaga
10 School, Zapata County
11 Rafael Guerra
12 Catarina Garcia
13 Church
15 Lazaro Ramirez
16 Angela vda Gonzalez Ramirez
17 Francisca G. vda Isidro Ramirez
18 Diego Ramirez
20 Ponciano Ramirez
21 Felipe Ramirez Gonzalez
22 Francisco Medrano
23 Maria R Ramirez
25 Beatriz R, vda Yzaguirre
26 Sinforianna vda Nicasio Gonzalez
27 Unk
29 Flumencio Munoz
30 Maximiano Yzaguirre
31 Videl Ramirez & Bros
32 Atilano Arriaga
35 Santos Yzaguirre
37 Atilano Arriaga
38 Zenaida Yzaguirre Rmz vda Avelardo Ramirez
39 Eduardo Yzaguirre
40 Heirs of Jesus Yzaguirre
42 Carlos Ramirez
44 Angelo Gonzalez Ramirez
45 Rufino Yzaguirre
46 Heirs of Felix Ramos
47 Ponciano Ramirez, Guadalupe Gonzalez, Ramirez
48 Tomas Mc Dermott Estate
50 Manuel Zepeda
52 Catarina R de Garcia
55 Maria V Ramirez
57 Avelina Guerra Ramirez
60 Julio Leal
63 Francisco G Guerra
64 Jose Maria Garcia
65 Jubencio Ramirez
66 Fiedencio Leal
67 Nicosio Gonzalez
68 Community
69 Fiederico Ramirez
71 Lizandro Ramirez
72 Juana Hernandez Ramirez
73 Rosalio Garcia
74 Cemetary
75 Brush to Fenced Plots in Town Proper

Images Shared by Jorge Ramirez:

Note: To see bigger images right click on image and click “Open image in new tab”.

Ramireno de Avajo or Falcon Viejo

Falcon Viejo or Ramireno de Abajo

Falcon Dam

Falcon Dam

One last Photo with the History of Old Falcon:

Old Falcon

Transcription of Above Image:

“In 1746, Col, Jose de Escandon was commissioned by the Vicerory of New Spain to lead the colonization of this area. The first settlers arrived 3 years later and were assigned land on which to build their homes. A survey conducted in 1767 resulted in the allocation of individual land grants to the settlers. Which marked the start of private property ownership in the area.

About 1800, Jose Eugenio Ramirez established a ranch on the North bank of the Rio Grande and named his headquarters Ramireno. The settlement that grew up around his home was plagued throughout the 19th century with indian raids. Particularly when military protection was withdrawn during the years of the Mexican Revolution (1810 – 1821). In the early 1900’s Ildefonso Ramirez opened a General Store, and, when a post office was established in 1915, the name of the Village was changed to Falcon in Honor of Jose Eugenios Wife, Maria Rita de la Garza Falcon.

After Falcon Dam was completed in 1952, the town was flooded, and residents were forced to relocate to this site. The History of Old Falcon, however, with its ties to 18th-century Spanish colonialism, remains an important part of their heritage.”

If your family has ties to this town and or if you have stories to share please do so in the comments area of this post. Don’t forget to thank Jorge for sharing with us.

7 thoughts on “Falcon Viejo or Ramireno de Abajo C. 1949 by Jorge Ramirez

  1. Jorge Ramirez

    First of all, I need to thank the County of Zapata for allowing me to view and take pictures of the map of Falcon Town.

    1950: I was born in Laredo, Texas and the family relocated to Falcon (Viejo) that year so my father (Agapito Ramirez) could continue to work on the Falcon Dam (1950-1954). We rented a large two (2) room house build of limestone blocks with a dirt floor. But we weren’t the only ones; maybe 1/3 of the houses had dirt floors. It had a small room which served as a kitchen and a large room which served as a bedroom (for the 6 of us), living room, storage room, etc. Our house did not have running water, but we did have the Rio Bravo if we needed some. Electricity we did have…but was very unreliable and that’s why we had kerosene lamps.

    This town was part of of lives and we loved it! 65 years later and we still reminisce about it. I will share more of the town later.

    1. GeneralLee

      My father rode cavalry from Fort Brown to Ringgold Barracks and then up to San Ygnacio, passing through the “en~os” as he went. He always remarked about the civility and grace of the people. He stated several times during conversations that, “….a person would have to work really hard to get into trouble with those folks. They were too generous, if anything. My squadron always looked forward to milling around with the Pen~itas – to – San Ygnacio people”.
      Later, we went up to Salinen~o, Falcon, Chapen~o, and on the other side to the old Revilla (Guerrero Viejo) to look for Indian artefacts and to fish. It is so strange that that area was totally filled with the most generous and elegant people….almost all were colonial White people with grey, blue, green, and even yellow eyes…..and uncommonly matter-of-fact and honest and generous. We fished a lot from two miles below the Dam down to near Santa Margarita (passing Salinen~o) and all that Los Arrieros area.
      My wife’s ancestors baptised the first baby of Revilla’s chapel back in 1753 or thereabouts….the genes never change….my daughter and son, and my grandchildren all carry many of the traits my father, then later I and my high-school chums, enjoyed “back in the day”.

      1. Fabian Gonzalez

        very seldom do i see Los Arrieros mentioned by anyone.. I’m happy to see it here! My Dad was born and raised in “Los Arriros” and My Mom was born and raised in Salineno.

  2. Jorge Ramirez

    Found this street in Falcon, Texas. Ramireno St; to honor the original name of this town, El Ramireno which was changed to Falcon (Viejo) in 1915. Thanks Falcon for remembering.

  3. Lupe Ramirez

    I am interested in the Ramirez’s from agua nueva de arriba and agua nueva de abajo. My father Guadalupe Ramirez was born Randado tx. his father born Ciudad Mier his name was Uvaldo Ramirez his father’s name was Erineo Ramirez. Moises would appreciate any info you can provide on my family whom i know very little of thanks sincerely Lupe Ramirez Jr.

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