WAC-22: Apellidos Norestenses with Welester Alvarado


Apellidos Norestenses with Welester Alvarado

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In this episode Moises talks with Welester Alvarado the former president of the La Sociedad de Genealogia de Nuevo Leon. They talk about the project “Apellidos Norestenses” among many other topics.

Show Notes:

This is session number 22

The former president of La Sociedad de Genealogia de Nuevo Leon, Welester Alvarado talks with Moises about a project by members of the society called “Apellidos Norestenses”. They also talk about other various topics.

Facebook Page for La Sociedad de Genealogia de Nuevo Leon

You can visit this society’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/609126959171064/?fref=nf

Website for Apellidos Norestenses Website

This is the project website: http://apellidosnorestenses.org/ Maria Rosa Schroeder maintains this project website.

Welester’s Email

Welester mentions that the best way to contact him is to message him through his Facebook page. Here is his email were you can contact him at hombrepi at hotmail.com or hombrepi at gmail.com .

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