Texas Archive of The Moving Image

I just wanted to make you aware of a great resource that really like. It is not too much genealogy related but it is a great website that I know you will enjoy. This website, TAMI, Texas Archive of the Moving Image is a repository of films that have anything to do with Texas. They are either about Texas, filmed in Texas, or filmed by Texans.

They have over 20,000 films and many are about South Texas cities, people, and places. They also provide a service that will let you digitize your home videos up to 50 but only 10 can be videotapes per household.  This service is free if you agree to share them with everyone. If you don’t they can still digitize them but there is a competitive fee involved in doing so.

Here is a full description about them that I got from their website:

“Founded in 2002 by film archivist and University of Texas at Austin professor Dr. Caroline Frick, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to discover, preserve, provide access to, and educate the community about Texas’ film heritage. TAMI’s ever-growing online collection includes home movies, amateur films, advertisements, local television, industrial and corporate productions, as well as Hollywood and internationally produced moving images of Texas. By partnering with institutions and individuals across the state, TAMI digitizes and provides web access to thousands of moving images that offer insight to Texas’ history and culture. TAMI’s educational programs promote the sharing of Texas moving images via screenings, demonstrations, and lectures at venues across the state. TAMI also works with educators to encourage the use of Texas film in the K-12 social studies classroom.” – http://www.texasarchive.org/

Texas Archive of the Moving Image

You can visit their website using the link listed bellow.

Search for names, events and or other things that may have had involved your ancestors to put those areas of their lives into context. They have some films about the Falcon Dam and they are very interesting. President Eisenhower meet with the President of Mexico at the dedication day of the dam.

Hope you enjoy this resource. Also if you are a Teacher they provide great material for the classroom. Let me know in the comments of videos that you found and liked.

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