Reyes Y Reinos Genealogias

Reyes Y Reinos Genealogias

Welester Alvarado found a great resource and last week he sent me an email about it. This resource was a website that lists on PDF format the Genealogies of the Kings of Spain. He tried to upload them to the We Are Cousins Facebook group but had some problems doing it.

At a first glance I thought that this website was just about the Kings of Spain but I was mistaken. On the home page you will find information about the author and you will also clearly see that he has five tomes.

Tome I – The Bible and the Old Kingdoms of the Bible

Tome II – China

Tome III – Antique Greek, Rome, Bizentine Empire, and the Vatican

Tome IV – Albania Alemania, Austria, Baviera, Belgica Bohemia,Bulgaria Dinamarca, España, Francia, Grecia, Hungria, Italia Nápoles and Sicilia

Tome V – Luxemburgo,Mónaco, Noruega, Paises Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido, Romania,Rusia, Sajonia, Serbia, aqnd Suecia

As you can see, if you have traced your ancestors to other kingdoms besides Spain this resource may be able to provide you with more clues. The author does list his sources and most of them are secondary. That means that there may be errors in the information and it is up to you to use them with caution.  In my own research I have come cross one of my ancestor line that takes me all the way to the Kings of Spain. Even though their genealogies are well documented the charts that you will find in this website makes it easier to see the family tree.

Reyes Y Reinos Genealogias

Here is the link to this great resource:

Finally, make sure to download at least the Spain Genealogical charts since you never know with internet resources for how long they will be available. Welester Alvarado, thanks for this resource.

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