The Family Tree of Ernesto Uribe

Ernesto Uribe the author of Tlalcoyote, The Unforgiving, and Rumors of a Coup has asked me to share his family tree with you. The ancestors of Ernesto are from South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. I don’t want to put words in Ernesto’s mouth so bellow the image I am sharing his email in full with you.

The Family Tree of Ernesto Uribe

I received the following email from Ernesto on 10-25-2014.


I have a 300+ page genealogical document “Ancestors of Ernesto Uribe” that was prepared for me by Crispin Rendon that you may want to post on your website… it has a fantastic surname index (page 248) that has proven very useful for several people that are from Guerrero viejo, Mier, etc.

You might even find the index useful in your searches…. anyhow, I’m attaching the document for you to use as you please… my objective is to help our parientes find their ancestors…

I take no credit because I have always depended on the research of others.  Jose Felipe de la Peña got me started with his series of the first families from Revilla/Guerrero and Crispin came along and really pushed my ancestry back to the 1500s,,,, I would like to share the information I have with you and your contacts in  We Are Cousins.

I am taking the liberty of attaching the document, since I have it on hand at the moment, because I am about to finish a first draft of a new book and will be doing line-editing on the manuscript for the rest of the fall and into the winter.

Let me know what you think….



Download His Family Tree:

You can also read a previous article that Ernesto shared with us at We Are Cousins.

Article: Turning Facts Into Fiction And Writing The Historical Novel

Where to Buy Ernesto’s novel:

You can buy Ernesto’s novel TLALCOYOTE at just click here.

About Ernesto:

Ernesto Uribe grew up on horseback, popping cattle out of the brush on a South Texas ranch where his family has raised beef since 1755. Educated in the public schools of Laredo, he went on to Texas A&M College on a track scholarship and holds a master’s degree from that institution. Joining the United States Information Agency as a foreign-service officer in 1962, he filled posts primarily in Latin America until leaving the senior ranks of the service to write fiction full-time.

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