Lists of Pasajeros A Indias at Solo Genealogia

This resource is an amazing genealogical resource. For some time now, I have been searching for the elusive books of the Pasajeros A Indias but have been unsuccessful in finding all of them. On a future post I will share with you the ones that  have found so far. A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a resource “Genealogical Database of Solo Genealogia” and if you are curios like me then you may have had already explored this resource. That same website has organized and is currently listing all the Pasageros a Indias that are listed on those books.

You can expect to find thousands of names of people that traveled to the new world including Mexico between 1501 to 1538. The books that they are transcribing cover the years 1501 to 1790 but so far their project has only completed up to 1538. If this is a project that interests you please join to help out.

This is a screen shot of the website:

Navigating the website is very simple, the only thing it is in English but you can always use Google translate to read it in English. Just copy and paste the website address and it will translate the whole website for you.

Here is the link to the website:

Let me know if it is useful to you or let me know about your findings. Unfortunately for me I have not found any ancestors that traveled to the new world during that time. But I am aware of the value of this project since i have found my ancestors on the books focusing on the later years.

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