We Are Cousins Gets YouTube Channel!

Several years ago I had gotten a You Tube channel for We Are Cousins but never utilized it. It was just there in the lost land of the internet. A few days ago I uploaded my first video, you Can check it towards the bottom of the page and it is a simple video letting everyone know that We Are Cousins has a You Tube Channel.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to this channel in order to get notifications when I upload a new video. I will be basically using this tool/resource to make short tutorials about how to search for our ancestors on new resources that I discover. At least that is my goal.

You can visit the channel here; https://www.youtube.com/WeAreCousins1

Screen shot of Channel:

Here is the first video that I publish. It will be the first of many to come.

We Are Cousins Gets YouTube Channel


Don’t forget to visit the channel here; https://www.youtube.com/WeAreCousins1 and subscribe to get notified of any new videos.

If you have any ideas for videos and or need me to explain something let me know. Send me a quick message.

About Moises Garza

This blog is an attempt to document my family and make you aware of resources that I find. I also hope that with this blog I can network with other researchers interested in this region and connect with long lost relatives. To keep up to date with this blog follow us with RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Contact me at moisesgarza@gmail.com

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