Judge Agapito “Cuate” Molina, South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 5

Another great issue of the South Texas History magazine published by the Jim Hogg County Enterprise, this is the fifth issue published on April 24, 2013. If you are interested in Hebbronville, surrounding communities, and its genealogy you definitely have to check this issue out.

Cover to South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 5

Features Mentioned in the Cover:

  • Judge Agapito “Cuate” Molina – The first Jim Hogg County official to serve as a member of the Texas Association of Counties

The Articles that You Can Find Inside are:

  1. J.T. Canales and the 1919 Ranger Investigation
  2. Tejano Hero of “Cinco de Mayo”
  3. Freer’s Muy Grande Village
  4. The House on Santa Clara Street
  5. Jim Hogg Coutny’s 100th Anniversary Open House
  6. Remembering Hebbronville when…

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