RGV Hispanic Genealogical Society Presents How to Trace Your Hispanic Roots

Yesterday September the 21st I attended the McAllen Library’s Genealogy Program. Julia Reed had invited the RGV Hispanic Genealogy Society to make a presentation due to it being the National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The presentation was conducted in the library’s auditorium and to my surprise the presenters where none other than Mary Torres and Ofelia Olsson. Two readers of and good friends of We Are Cousins. It was a pleasure to finally meet them in person since we had been exchanging emails from time to time.

Mary Torres and Ofelia Olsson McAllen Library Presentation 9-21-2013

The presentation was mainly for the beginner family historian/genealogist and provided awareness to our rich heritage. The presentation started with Marry Torres whom provided background information about their Scociety, how it was created, and the purpose that it serves.

She provided information on current publications and projects that they have going on and briefly spoke about the Hispanic Genealogy Conference that started in 1977 which will be held this year in November in Victoria, Texas.

Then Ofelia Olsson provided attendees with the basics of how to get started in Genealogy and provided resources and ideas on how to find your ancestors. She also provided a four page list with internet resources which half of them I was not familiar with but excited to check out. She passed out her own family pedigree chart and came to find out that we have common ancestors through my 6th great grandparents Bartolome de Lizarraras y Cuellar and Maria Gregoria Martinez.

Overall it was a great presentation and well worth the trip.

For more information about the RGV Hispanic Genealogical Society please visit their website at http://www.rgvhispanicgenealogicalsociety.com/

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