Remembering Hebbronville When… – South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 3

Here is another great issue of the South Texas History magazine published by the Jim Hogg County Enterprise, this is the third issue published on February 27, 2013. If you are interested in Hebbronville and its genealogy you definitely have to check this issue out. Your ancestors might be mentioned. It contains 17 articles and 17 photos by Cynthia G. Gutierrez.

Cover to South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 3

Features Mentioned in the Cover:

  • Hebbronville When 17 Articles and 17 Photos by Cynthia G. Gutierrez

The Articles that You Can Find Inside are:

  1. The Census was 5,449
  2. The Chamber helped build our town
  3. When the sheriff patrolled on horseback
  4. We went to school
  5. Going to the Movies cost only a quarter
  6. A ‘Tiendita’ on every corner
  7. When Sirens maked our day
  8. When the train was our main connection to the country
  9. When every business was family owned
  10. Electricity first brightened our homes
  11. When football was king
  12. When we started a new school year
  13. When little league was a favorite past time
  14. When everyone listened to radio

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