Presidentes Municipales (Mayors) of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1950 to 2013

The municipality of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico was founded on October the 11th of 1950 by the 294th state congressional decree. The current governor was Raul Garate. The seat for this municipality was San Pedro de Roma present day Miguel Aleman. This municipality was formed with almost half of the families that belonged to the municipality of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexo.

Cut out of calendar with pictures and names of all Presidentes Municipales (Mayors) of Miguel Aleman from 1950 to 2013:

Photo courtesy of Juve Reyna.

Names and years they served:

    1. José Barrera González (Junta de Administración Civil) (1950-1951)
    2. Toribio Guerra Pérez (1952-1954)
    3. Advento Guerra Barrera (1955-1957)
    4. Wenceslao Ramírez Guerra (1958-1968)
    5. Juan Barrera González (1961-1962)
    6. Plácido Ramírez Hinojosa (1963-1965)
    7. Ramón González Barrera (1966-1968)
    8. Alfonso Ramírez guerra (1969-1971)
    9. Gustavo Guerra Barrera (1972-1974)
    10. Placido Ambrosio Ramírez Acosta (1975-1977)
    11. Amaro Guerra Ramírez (1978-1980)
    12. Amando Barrera García (1981-1983)
    13. Fabian Oscar Canales López (1984-1986)
    14. Roberto López Avala (1987-1989)
    15. Manuel Balderas Ramírez (1990-1992)
    16. Jesús Amando Sáenz Barrera (1993-1995)
    17. Santiago Gómez Stringel (1996-1998)
    18. Raúl Antonio Rodríguez Barrera (1999-2001)
    19. Libaldo Garza Moreno (2002-2004)
    20. Alfonso Ramírez Rodríguez (2005-2007)
    21. Servando Lopez Moreno (2008-?)
    22. ?
    23. Ramon E. Rodriguez Garza (?-current)

I am missing one, but if you know which one please let me know.

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