Archivo General e Histórico del Estado de Tamaulipas

I wanted to share another great find with you. This find is the Facebook page for the “Archivo General e Histórico del Estado de Tamaulipas”. I first discovered this Facebook page while conducting research, but was originally inactive. Since almost a week ago this page has had allot of activity and has shared allot of great content.

They have shared photos and documents about Camargo, Tamaulipas and Ciudad Victoria amongst other great content.

Let me just warn you, this page is completely in Spanish.

Screen shot of their Facebook page:

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Archivo General e Historico de Tamaulipas.JPG” type=”image” alt=”Archivo General e Historico de Tamaulipas.JPG” ]

More about the archives:

The following is a Google translation of the information found in their page.


The Archives and History of the State is the institution responsible for safeguarding, retrieve, store, and facilitate consultation of historical documents of our State.


Recover, preserve, disseminate and facilitate public access to documentary heritage of the State of Tamaulipas in various formats, to safeguard the memory of State and Municipal short, medium and long term, and contribute to transparency in the exercise of public .


Memory and Transparency

The AGHET protects, preserves, and disseminates historical heritage of the state, and contributes to the files of the State Government and Municipal are organized and systematized for efficient management and proper accountability.

General Information

The  AGHET archive is a concentration within its executive and protects the archive collections or reserved fund

I just hope that they continue to post often and that they share more documents. If anyone is interested in visiting their facilities they can do so at Boulevard Praxedis Balboa, Oriente, Parque Bicentenario, C.P. 87083,frente al Congreso del Estado, 87083 Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas their phone number is +52 834 318 5080 and they are open form 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Their email is

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