100 Years of Jim Hogg County History – South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 1

I don’t remember how I came across this publication “South Texas History” but I am glad that I came across it. So far there are 8 published Issues. In the future two months I will be posting one each week on this blog.

South Texas History is published once per month and it’s purpose is to publish History about South Texas including photographs and family stories. The reason that I am sharing this Magazine with you all is because you never know, you might find your ancestors listed within the pages of this magazine.

Here is the South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 1 published on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

Cover to South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 1

It features Original Articles by:

  • Alfredo E. Cardenas (You can read more about Mr. Cardenas Blog here)
  • Dr. Lino Garcia Jr. (A Great friend fo We Are Cousins)
  • Jim Hogg County Museum Foundation
  • Jim Hogg County Historical Commission

Read South Texas History Volume 1 Issue 1


I hope that you enjoyed it. I’ll share next issue next week, and if you live where this magazine is published please help support it by buying it.

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