Mexico DNA Project Yahoo Group – Email From Crispin Rendon

dnaAs you may already be aware DNA has been emerging these past years as another great tool for your Genealogy research and also to uncover your ancestry. Earlier today I received an email from Crispin Rendon letting me and many others know about a Yahoo Group Administered and founded by Gary Felix whose main focuses is on DNA Testing for anyone with Mexican roots.

This is the email:

There is a new way to share information about Mexico DNA that I would like you to know about.

You are still welcome to email me directly but as you may know my responses are terse. That is who I am. Sharing with a group maybe just what you need or want.

Mexico DNA Project Yahoo group:

Best Regards,

Crispin Rendon

This is a great resource and I highly recommend that you join the group to keep on top of Mexican DNA Genealogy Research, I joined earlier today.

In case that you are wondering, have yet to do my own DNA testing but I am hoping that I can get it done before the end of the year or early next year.

This group will also help you get answers to any questions that you may have regarding DNA testing for Genealogy.

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