Rafael Gonzalez, 1827 Death Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following image and transcription is of the 1827 death record for my 5th great grandfather Rafael Gonzalez. The following document indicates that he died from fever at age 46 and was buried in the local cemetery in Mier. The document also indicates that he was married to Manuela Guerra my 5th great grandmother. This document also indicates that he did not make will due to him not having anything. I have yet to find out whom his parents where, if anyone knows please let me know.

Cut out of Original Image:

Rafael Gonzalez, FamilySearch, Mier, Death 1827 pg 2609.jpg

Transcript of above image:

N 72 Rafael Ado. Taba. de 20 rs

En el campo santo de la Villa de Mier en Veinte y dos de Nove. de mil ochocientos veinty y siete ans. el Prebytero Felipe de jesus Cepeda Cura interino de Esta Villa Dio Ecca. Sepultura con entierro menor en Taba menor a el cuerpo de Rafel Gonzalez de noventa y seis anos, casado qe. fue con Manuela Guerra, del rancho de los Guerras: rea[?] Penitencia y Extremauncion: no testo, pr pobre: murio de fiebre: y pa. qe. conste lo firme.

Felipe de Jesus Cepeda

Source: FamilySearch

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