Camargo Baptismal Records Index 1764 – 1882

Camargo Baptismal Records 1764 - 1882The book “Camargo Baptismal Records Index 1764 – 1882” Extracted by Alma Cruz and Debbie Gomez is a great resource to those of us researching our ancestors in the Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico area.

As it is stated in the book it is only an index to the typed extracted records in the Camargo and Reynosa Archives. Which seems to provide a clue as to where to obtain the extraction of any given record listed in the book.

It lists the names by last name, then name, year, then mother, followed by father. Unfortunatly they did not provide the complete date of the baptism.

As it may it is stilla great resource that will invevitably help you in your research.

How to obtain it:

You can borrow it from the University of Texas Pan American.

You can search for acopy near you with WorldCat.

As indicated in the book you can order by making check payable to Debbie Gomez 2022 Allen Genoa Rd. Houston Texas 77017 but no amount was provided.

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