Recommended Book – Anales y Testimonios del Cantaro

Anales y Testimonios del Cantaro 1986 by Octavio Herrera Perez

If you are familiar with he history of Mier then you probably already figured the title out. El Paso del Cantaro used to be the name of Mier prior to it’s founding in 1753.

This book is very comprehensive in Mier’s history and it’s past international impact. Aside from the history contained in this book, its real treasure are the 101 transcriptions of documents found int eh archives of Mier.
It also contains all the names of the grantees of the Mier Porciones on both sides of the Rio Grande River. 
I almost forgot to mention all the Genealogical information contained within its pages. I can almost guarantee that if your ancestors lived in this area during the 1700’s they are more than likely mentioned in this book.
As with other books, this books printing was very limited but you can find a copy at the University of Texas Pan American in Ediburg Texas, in their Lower Rio Grande Valley Special Collection. That’s were I was able to get a hold of this book. Check your local University Library to see if they have a copy.

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