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July 11, 2012

Last Names of Nuevo Leon
I want to thank Mary Joe Galindo for sharing her work with us. I never expected to receive her email with the following pages from her 1999 Masters Report and I am thankful she let me share it with you. The first time I heard about Rancho Santa Teresa was when I found the baptism record for my 2nd great grandfather Jose Martin Garza you can check it out in my previous post titled Baptism of Jose Martin Garza – Mier Tamaulipas Mexico. I also wrote another post titled The Mystery – Rancho Santa Teresa.

Finally thanks to Mary Joe Galindo now we have a complete list of all the families and names of all the individuals residing at this ranch in 1817. In page 101 I found the only person named Ramona which is the same name of the mother of Jose Martin Garza. I think it is a great clue but I still have to do a lot of research on this family to see if I can find proof that I have the right Ramona. I am exited since the parents of Jose Martin, Rafael Garza and Maria Ramona Garcia are one of my brick walls. I can’t seem to find their parents anywhere. If anyone has any information let me know.

Images of pages:

Partial Transcript of above images:

note: I only transcribed the names and ages. Partial names for Santa Barbara de Morteritos and San Jose de la Rinconada were also transcribed.

An Ethnohistorical Approach to the Marriage, Inheritance, and

    Settlement Patterns Among Eighteenth-Century Spanish

            Colonial Settlers of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico


                   Mary Jo Galindo, B.A.


     Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of

               The University of Texas at Austin

                       in Partial Fulfillment

                      of the Requierements

                        for the Degree of


                        Master of Arts

            The University of Texas at Austin

                        December 1999

Table 5 (continued)

Mier Census Data from approximately 1817

Ranch Name                           Resident                                  Age

Santa Barbara de Morteritos   Maria Celia Solis                     31

(continued)                              Agustina                                  10

                                                Magdalena                              7

                                                Maria Del Refugio                  5

                                                Maria Hermenegilda               4

                                                Marcelina                                2

                                                Marcelino Lopez                     46

                                                Manuela Villegas                    26

                                                Marcelina                                10

                                                Casilda                                                7

                                                Bentura                                   23

                                                Petra                                        5

                                                Ysabel                                     2

                                                Bentura                                   1

                                                Rafael Pome                            62

                                                Maria Matiana Rodriguez       59

Ranch Totals                           6 Families; 42 residents

Santa Teresa de Guardado      Tomas Garcia                          56

                                                Maria Josefa de la Garza         52

                                                Francisco                                 18

                                                Maria Guadalupe                    16

                                                Maria Felipa                            14

                                                Jose Antonio Garcia                27

                                                Juana Manuela BArrera          26

                                                Xasinta                                    4

                                                Jose Nicolas Garcia                 58

                                                Eusevio                                   18

                                                Benita                                      15

                                                Gertrudis                                 14

                                                Nicolas                                    10

                                                Rafaela                                    7

                                                Bentura Gonzalez                   30

                                                Maria Gertrudis Garcia           27

                                                Prudencio                                8

                                                Luis                                         5

                                                Maria de lso Santos                 3

                                                Jose Antonio                           2

                                                Jose Andres Garcia                 30

                                                Maria Concepcion de la Garza27

                                                Rafael                                      10

                                                Antonia                                   6

                                                Juan de Dios                           4

                                                Ysidro                                     2

                                                Maria Xacinta                         1

                                                Jose Manuel Garcia                 42

                                                Maria Gertrudis Pena              29

                                                Rafael                                      8

                                                Maria Elena                             3

                                                Jose Antonio                           1

                                                Carlos Garcia                          58

                                                Maria Rosa de la Garza           52

                                                Maria Francisca                       12

                                                Manuel                                    20

                                                Maria Gregoria                        18

                                                Maria Petra                              16

                                                Hilario                                     12

                                                Ramona                                   8

                                                Maria Ygnacia Perez               26

                                                Francisco Perez                       73

                                                Rafael de Andan                     22

                                                Pablo                                       4

                                                Marcial                                    2

                                                Jose Antonio Cuellar               46

                                                Maria Gregoria Sanchez          31

                                                Maria Rafaela                          15

                                                Jose de los Santos Reyes        10

                                                Jose de Jesus

                                                Santos Flores                           28

                                                Maria Xacinta Garcia              25

                                                Maria Teresa                            8

                                                Maria Juana                             7

                                                Estevan                                   2

                                                Maria Petra                              1

                                                Jose Antonio Garcia                32

                                                Maria Josefa de la Garza         28

                                                Jsoe Angel                               8

                                                Xasinto                                    6

                                                Maria Francisca                       3

                                                Juan Jose Moreno                    26

                                                Maria Juana Zamorano            25

                                                Maria Teresa                            3

                                                Don Ygnacio Alvares             61

                                                Maria de la Encarnacion Garza34

                                                Maria Tomasa                          7

                                                Pedro Jose                               3

Ranch Totals                           14 families; 71 residents

San Jose de la Rinconada       Jose Maria Escobar                 62

                                                Maria Rita Garcia                    48

                                                Maria Juana                             22

                                                Jose Miguel                             19

                                                Jose Manuel                            17

                                                Jose de Jesus                           14

                                                Maria Juliana                           12

                                                Maria de los DOlores              11

                                                Jose Prudencio                        9

                                                Jose Antonio                           8

                                                Juan Jose                                 6

                                                Xien Lopez                             64

                                                Maria Luisa de la Garza          48

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