1789 Mier Church Census of Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The following is the Mier Church Census of Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In prior census the other family listed from time to time is the Gonzalez family. To read more about this town check my previous post The History of El Arcabuz, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Francisco de la Garza is my 5th great grandfather through two of his sons and one daughter. Francisco was the founder of this town which he established in Porcion 14 granted to him by the Spanish Crown in 1767.

Cut out of original image:

Transcription of above image:

Passo al Rumbo del Sur Rio que diaman de San Juan, y donde termina la Jurisdicion de esta Villa, y todos de asta Vanda, del Rio, y asta el Rancho qe. nombran el Arcabus Distancia de Dose Legs. de esta Villa, y en el las fams. Sigs.

no 147                                     Fama.

            Franco. de la Garza                 C         53, a CC

            Maria Cayetana Pena              C         46, a CC

            Joseph Marcelino Garza          S          25, a CC

            Maria Balvina de la Garza      D         21, a CC

            Pablo Jph de la Garza             M         19, a CC

            Juan Jph de la Garza               M         17, a CC

            Maria Salome de la Garza       D         14, a CC

            Carlos Balentin de la Garza    H         12, a CC

            Joseph Raphael de la Garza    H           7, a CC

            Joseph Miguel de la Garza      P            5, a CC

            Maria Gertrudis de la Garza   P            2, a CC

no. 148                                                Fama.

            Theodoro Pena                        C         44, a CC

            Maria Gertrudis de la Garza   C         39, a CC

            Joseph Hobezio Pena              S          24, a CC

            Franco. Antonio Pena             M         19, a CC

            Jph Andres Pena                     M         17, a CC

            Joseph Balentin Pena              H         14, a CC

            Joseph Urbano Pena                H         11, a CC

            Joseph Gregorio Pena             H           9, a CC

            Maria Angela Pena                  H           7, a CC

            Joseph Santiago Pena              P            4, a CC

Source: FamilySearch

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