Keep WeAreCousins At Your Fingertips With Our Android App

I had been toying around with the idea of getting an app for WeAreCousins and I finally got one. You can download it for your android phone or device by scanning the QR code in this post or scan the one on the sidebar. You can also download it and place it on your phone to install it. Subscriber of my newsletter also got the chance to download it since Sunday. You should also signup for it if you have not done so.

This app will basically open my blog without the need to enter the address in the url or searh for it on Google. I think it is a very convenient and easy way to access the blog either to share it with your family or just show it off to your friends.

Once I can get some funding together I plan to get an app made that would display this blog in a blog format and thus make it easier to view and read the posts. I would also like for it to search the whole website to help us search its content. Of course these type of apps cost about $500 and up. I sure don’t have that amount of cash. If you anyone that can do it cheaper let me know.

I just hope that you all like it.

You can get it here.

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